My Fave Things of 2014….

Oh Crap.

You thought this was going to me giving away a bunch of things ala Oprah didn’t you?


It’s just me being vain and talking about myself.

Still interested….?

I love seeing where people are reading Mommy’s Weird from.  I like to imagine Beyonce on a yacht in the south of France just killing herself reading; Is Coconut A Nut?


Who is reading my blog?

Well, you are. But besides you, here are the locations you are coming from.

1. Cranbrook

2. Calgary

3. Toronto

4. Brandon

5. Winnipeg

6. Vancouver

7. Ottawa

8. Edmonton

9. Fernie

10. London, Ontario. I thought I better add that incase you were getting super excited that Princess Kate had a Mommy’s Weird addiction.

Oh… and just because I felt I needed to share, Houston, New York and LA are where most of my American readers are coming from.

And if you like stats, then you will definitely get a kick out of my most visited/read posts of 2014!

So what was this post about….


Since I told you last week about the most popular posts on Mommy’s Weird in 2014, I thought I would tell you what my most favourite posts of 2014 were/are. I am not going to include the 6 that were on the other list. No reason. Maybe because I am lazy.

In no particular order…

Did This Really Just Happen?  * When I got jiggy with the blue liquid on a maxi pad

Holy Cat Poo *When a bag of used kitty litter exploded on my family in a big box store

I Like Leggings *When I talk about my fat girl pant addiction

How To Eat Chicken Wings *When I show images of how gross I am while eating wings and how dainty my husband is.

Iron Ons Suck *When I bitch about church camp iron ons. And make fun of my friends.

My Front Load Washing Machine Stinks *Seriously. It stinks.

Perverted Old Man *When my college roomie told us about an old man being a pervert on her walk to work.

I Am Not A Hillbilly *When my 3 year old asked if I was my husbands sister

Stranger Danger *When my daughter decided to kick the crap out of a stranger.

My Blogging Hopes and Dreams *When I was pissed off at another blogger and hid it into a blog post.

Chemical Cake *When I shared an amazing recipe on how to make a cake from strictly packaged goods.

Also, thanks for being here. Thanks for reading my stuff. Thanks for commenting. Thank for liking. Thanks for supporting me.

Thanks for being such a fun community on the Mommy’s Weird Facebook page, which you should join because it is a damn riot and almost 3,000 Weirdies strong and also wildly followed by Americans. So God Bless America.

Thanks for engaging with me on twitter, you make me laugh constantly. The other great surprise has been YouTube, what a damn blast, thanks. And to those who have signed up for the email newsletter, you are awesome and I appreciate that you trust me enough to let me send things to your in box.

I am super excited for the exciting new things that I have already signed on for in 2015. It is going to be another great year. And I owe you for that. Thanks. I really really mean it. When I started Mommy’s Weird I had hopes and dreams, but I never realized that it would help me speak at conferences, launch a YouTube channel, start a small social media business and make enough money to pay the mortgage.

You rock.

No YOU rock.


We both rock.