Did This Really Just Happen…..

You know at Mommy’s Weird, I am up for pretty much anything.  So when the opportunity came for me to be just like those girls in maxi pad commercials that pour blue liquid on a StayFree sanitary napkin I couldn’t resist.  Seriously. WHO TURNS THIS KIND OF STUFF DOWN!?

Yup, I took the Stayfree challenge.

First of all, I made Zed watch the video instructions with me. He rolled his eyes about a thousand times. Then I made him take photos of me doing the experiment. In which I said things like, “”If you are not going to take this seriously I will get someone else to take pictures of me with the pads!”  “I’m so excited. It’s like I am the girl on the commercial!”  and my favourite, “Make sure you can get my face in with the maxi pads!”


photo (63) photo (64) photo (65) photo (66) photo (68) photo (69)

The entire experiment took about 3 minutes.  Can you get what is going on?

Step 1:  Lay the placement sheet out on a flat surface.

Step 2: Remove Stayfree Ultra Thin pad form package and put in on the Stayfree spot.  I loved stickers when I was a kid.

Step 3: Do the same with the competitor brands. Did I mention I love stickers?

Step 4: Pour 5 ml of that funky blue stuff on the centre of each pad. (for the record, I kind of screwed that up for Competitor #2, I was chatting)

Step 5: Wait 30 seconds and let funky blue liquid absorb.

Step 6: Place a blotting sheet on the centre of each pad.

Step 7: Place a 5 lbs weight on top of the blotting sheet on each pad. (Seriously, they mailed me 3, 5 lbs weights. Poor Mr. Postman, who knew my maxi pads would be so heavy.)

Step 8: Wait 5 seconds.

Step 9: Remove weight and reveal the results. WHICH ARE SHOCKING!!!!

Stayfree Ultra Thin for the win! It was by far the least blue spotty. Plus, it has wings. I love wings. All wings.  Wait this was about pads……?


You can join the Panty Party on twitter  (yes I said “panty”) and even on youtube. This video slays me.


They are also running the funniest contest on the planet.  I should totally enter because I would totally win. They are searching for Canada’s Ugliest Pair of Granny Panties. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I would show you a pic, but I won’t because I want to win one of five $500 gift cards from Beyond the Rack. Here are the details.


It’s seriously no wonder why I am part of such a ridiculous campaign. As you all know, I only take part and accept perks from companies and brands that I think are awesome, creative and let me be me.