My Front Load Washing Machine Stinks…

My front load washing machine stinks and its really ticking me off.

First of all, I never bought it, it came with the house. And honestly, I was more excited about the washing machine than I was about having more than one pooper.

FYI:  Pooper is toilet in Mommy’s Weird talk. Not in Kyla talk. That’s just crass.


My old washing machine was an apartment sized washer that was kept in a room that was not really winterized.  So, when we bought this house I really thought I was on The Jefferson’s.

Sing it with me…

“We’re Moving On Up… to the East Side….”

Stinky Washing Machine Stinky Washing Machine Mold in washing machine



Weirdly, the washing machine is set up in what I call the “mudroom”, which is at the main door. As soon as anyone walks into my house all they can smell is mildew.

I am embarrassed by my front load washing machine.

First World Problem?


But irritating as all hell.

I don’t even want to hear about the washing stuff you can buy to wash your washing machine.

Are you kidding me?

It’s a washing machine.

It does not need to have its own special soap to be washed with.

Seriously, is my washing machine Lady Mary from Downton Abbey? Shall I add some lavender to it?

Yes, I know I could be doing my washing down by the river with some rocks. For the record, I think I would be very good at balancing a load of laundry on my head.

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34 thoughts on “My Front Load Washing Machine Stinks…

  1. I love my front loader. Just keep the door and soap dispenser open (wide, not just a crack) when you’re not using it. Every so often, just wash a load on hot. Voila – no stink.

      1. The price you pay for a superior machine? Because otherwise you are perfect and we’d all hate you if you didn’t have one thing wrong? I honestly don’t know…

    1. I keep my door open too and once in a while put some bleach in it and run it through a hot wash. washing the rubber seal around the door (inside and out )

        1. It’s cause the rubber gasket around the door collects and holds water, unlike on a top load. If it doesn’t get to dry out it gets mouldy. Collect all the socks and underwear once or twice a month and wash them in hot water with bleach. And then leave the door open so it can dry, problem will magically disappear. 🙂 It’s a good idea to bleach underpants anyway… the high efficiency washer detergent and cold water do NOT kill germs and bacteria. I read the scariest, most disgusting report on e-coli (poop bacteria) cultured off the OUTER clothes of people working in fast food/restaurants. Because they were just throwing everything in together and washing it in cold water to save energy. The occasional hot load… worth it.

  2. Is there enough space that you can leave the machine’s door open? I always leave my door open and it never gets smelly. And I’ve never really cleaned it. I’m not into that sort of thing. (Wait – I lied- I’ve cleaned it once when I washed a dispaosible diaper and it swelled up and exploded everywhere…leaving the door open does not solve that hell.)

  3. I also have a front load washer. I love it – my husband hates it. He thinks the clothes stink when they come out of it. If it is really stinky you will need to buy some soap to clean it – but after that keep the door open. My husband, being the rather uptight person he is about the house closes all the doors I leave open (I’m a bit of a slob). If I could convince him to leave the damned door open perhaps his clothes wouldn’t stink!!

  4. This made me laugh. I have heard SO many people bitch about those front loaders. Guess there’s something to be said for being too poor to have one of those fancy shmancy washing machines. Us po’ folk don’t have to WASH OUR WASHING MACHINES. I’m just saying.

    P.S. I was really hoping I was going to click on this and it was going to be a vlog. I love how you talk. Make another one of those please.

  5. It’s probably not level. If the water cannot drain out properly, it will stay in the drain tray and get moldy. Also, don’t use those cleaners or bleach. Just used vinegar (once it’s level).

  6. You have to leave the door open. Front-load washers have to seal tightly to keep the water in while washing (top-load washers don’t have the same seals), so then the washing machine stays wet all the time and develops mildew. If you just leave the door open when you’re not washing things, then it won’t grow mildew. (However, I’m not sure if that will get rid of the mildew once it has grown!) My MIL has a front-load washer and was told this by the salesman, I think, so hers has worked fine. She’s had other problems with it, however, so when I bought a machine, I stayed with top-load (and LOVE mine). 🙂

  7. My front load stinks too. Its so annoying. My mom has taken to leaving the door open in order to air it out, but it really doesn’t work. Apparently you have to wipe it down after each cycle? That seems like too much work for me.

  8. HATE my front loader. We need one, cause ours is in the Kitchen (we rent out the basement & didn’t want to share laundry…), and it stinks. Even if buy the special deterg to wash the washer (I know, stupid). I’ve read that using vinegar is not a great idea because it eats away at the connecting hoses underneath. No matter WHAT I do, it smells and the clothes always smell a bit, too, when they come out – which is why I hang EVERYTHING to dry in the summer, the sun bleaches out the smell. Used a HE top loader washer on vacation and I totally want that one now. To hell with the front loader and it’s SEVENTY-FIVE MINUTE CYCLES.

  9. I have the same problem. We have a moldy front loader. It’s a chronic problem. Trust me. I’ve Googled it. You can wash it with bleach or replace the moldy rubber part. You’re supposed to leave the door open on a front loading washer to avoid this problem. It’s sort of like my childhood friend Heidi’s Mom who used to tell her to sleep with no underwear so she could, “Air it out.”
    You need to air it out. You’ll still get mold on your front loader, but at least your vagina will feel fresh.
    You’re welcome.

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  11. I prevent mine from getting yucky two ways … and the most important ISN’T what they tell you in all the pinterest pins & mommy blogs — the IMPORTANT PART is this: FIND the Pump Filter… that is where all the ickiness hides, usually (although from the pics on here, I think the rubber needs a good scrubbing too)
    Lysol Scrubbing Bubbles FOAM spray is awesome for cleaning anything plasic, just spray it on let it sit for a few minutes then use boiling hot water & a microfibre cloth,. Get all ths ick off the rubber! I often dump half a bottle of white vinegar on a couple of rags that need washing then wash it on HOT, it cleans out all the little bits!
    And yeah — most important is to find that pump filter! MOST machines have it hidden away so that when the machine stops draining you have to call a repairman (at $125 just to ring the doorbell, then on the clock by the half-hour after that!!). When mine stopped draining I got even — I pulled the front panel off, and there it was, pump filter! Little bastard is the cause of almost ALL front-loader problems. Mine was so clogged it was almost like a man’s winter work-sock was shoved in — given that I had 4 cats, 2 dogs, a little girl with loooonnnnggg hair, and my own long hair AND a thing about having polar fleece (read: linty) blankets & sheets…. not my machine runs like it’s brand-new. I just prop the front panel in front so that I can easily access the filter to keep it empty.
    I hope that helps any of y’all with machine issues!

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