How To Eat Chicken Wings….

You know how I have a chicken wing addiction, right?

It’s bad that I even started a pinterest page about wings.

I think someone needs a hobby.


My favourite thing to do on a Friday or Saturday  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday) is to cook a box of wings and drink a Corona with my husband while watching Parenthood.

After inhaling all my wings and still feeling a bit famished, I looked over at Zed’s plate.

Seriously, look how he eats wings….

bones Chris


And this is how I eat wings…..

Bones Kyla


Do you see the difference?

My husband eats wings like a lady and I eat them like I am in the book “The Clan of the Cave Bear.”

If you haven’t thrown up yet and want to get deeper into this issue here is a side by side….

Bones both


See the difference?

If you are looking for me, I will be sucking on his bones.

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