How To Eat Chicken Wings….

You know how I have a chicken wing addiction, right?

It’s bad that I even started a pinterest page about wings.

I think someone needs a hobby.


My favourite thing to do on a Friday or Saturday  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday) is to cook a box of wings and drink a Corona with my husband while watching Parenthood.

After inhaling all my wings and still feeling a bit famished, I looked over at Zed’s plate.

Seriously, look how he eats wings….

bones Chris


And this is how I eat wings…..

Bones Kyla


Do you see the difference?

My husband eats wings like a lady and I eat them like I am in the book “The Clan of the Cave Bear.”

If you haven’t thrown up yet and want to get deeper into this issue here is a side by side….

Bones both


See the difference?

If you are looking for me, I will be sucking on his bones.

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22 thoughts on “How To Eat Chicken Wings….

  1. Ha! Your husband eats wings like I do! LMAO! I don’t like the cartilage or the little nub at the end…. Ewww lol My boyfriend on the other hand eats wings like you do. Cleans em right up! Hmmmm maybe we should switch… lol

  2. I eat wings like you do – even worse because it makes a total mess of my face are T-Bone steaks. My husband will not chew on the bone – he takes what he can with his knife and fork and then gives the rest to the dog. Well, actually, I steal the bone off his plate before it gets to the dog. Really embarrasses him when we have company. I steal the bones form my children and grandchildren too. However, we had an African Priest who not only chewed the meat from around the bones but he sucked and chewed the marrow from inside the bones! Ha – take that husband.. There are people with more disgusting steak eating habits that me!

  3. Chicken wings are a terrible waste of time. Thighs all the way! Same with ribs, total waste of time, pork steak is so much better!

  4. my husband says I can suck the meat of chicken wings like a pro! take that how you want !! it seems so do you!

  5. I eat my wings like you do and it pisses me off when I see someone leaving everything on the bone, like what the hell why do you even get wings if your not going to eat them right!! right?

  6. This is also an issue in our house. It irritates me that the hubs can say he loves chicken wings when he leaves most of the meat on the bone! WTF?

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