I Am Not A Hillbilly…

Scene:  Zed is driving, I am in the passenger seat. Baby Bot and Whirlwind are in their car seats. Our foreign exchange student Why is in the back back back seat in the van.

Baby Bot: Momma…?

Me:  Yes.

Baby Bot:  Is Dada your brudder?


Why: Tee hee. What did you …..?

Whirlwind: Whaaaaaaat did he say…?

Me: No…..

Zed: Did he ask if I was your brother….?


Baby Bot:  Is Dada your brudder?

Me: No honey. He is not my brudder. Uncle Todd and Uncle Curt are my brothers.

Whirlwind: And Uncle Mat and Uncle Tim are Dada’s brothers.

Baby Bot: Oh.  Did I live inside Dada?


Zed: Wha…..?

Whirlwind: Noooooooooo!

Why: What is he talking….?

Me: Nope. You lived inside of Momma.

Baby Bot: Dat’s cool.

Me: Yup. That’s cool.

Baby Bot: Momma. I’m hungry.

Me: We’ll be home soon.


Zed: Did he just ask if I was your brother……..?

Me: Don’t worry. You aren’t.

End Scene.





8 thoughts on “I Am Not A Hillbilly…

  1. Hilarious. Need the laughs and giggles right now. I am about to steal all of the kids toys and hide them in the basement to teach them a lesson about tidying up. I think they will win this round though because its way too many toys and hubby is playing PS4 (I cant disturb him)

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