Perverted Old Man…

This post was not written by me, it was written by my college roomie Cari.  It might sound like its me, because we pretty much talk the same stupid speed about the same stupid nonsense.  I write about her quite a bit, because she is so writeable. We met when her parents made a bad choice to send her to college when she was 17.  Seriously, do not send your kid to live in residence when they are 17. You won’t believe the shit she did and the stuff I had to talk her out of.  It was awesome.  She is awesome. You are going to love her…..


I like to talk.  A lot. I`ll talk to anyone, but I especially love talking to the older crowd. They`re the cool cats. The crazy MoFo`s.  They have great advice, great stories and great sayings …. sometimes….

Every morning I go for a 5 mile hike, and by hike I mean walk. And by 5 miles I mean 5 minutes, up the street to McDonalds, to get a coffee.

Anyways, moving along.

So I get a coffee and start my walk. It`s a great day. Nice and sunny. Birds are chirping. The usual crap. It`s beautiful. So, I pass this older “gentlemen”, or so I thought,.

“Gorgeous Day.”  I say.

As we pass, he replies, “Indeed, nice and bright.”

“Well have a great day and enjoy the sun!”  I say and smile back.

And then the most disturbing thing I have ever heard.

“I’ll enjoy the son, but I’d enjoy the daughter more.”


What did that sweet old man just say?!

I don’t stop for coffee any more. I make it at home.  Thanks Keurig for making me safe.


Cari Markovic Roy is a super hot, super crazy, over sexed mother of three. She works 2- 3 jobs and recently started a blog that she rarely updates because she is too busy working 2 to 3 jobs and making Vegan Cheese.