The Most Popular Posts of 2014…

This years list is a little bit like last years list.

Totally freaky.

Perverted search terms are scary, yo.

Here we go…

#6.  Hey Kids Your Parents Suck.  When I first started Mommy’s Weird, I used to bitch a ton about other parents.  Then I sort of stopped because I was getting hit up to do lots of reviews and because more and more local people were reading my blog.  It’s hard to write shit about someone that your kid goes to school with. The reason this post was so popular was because it was printed here and shared a few times.

5.  Always Infinity Maxi Pad. This post is from 2012. I have no idea why it suddenly got so popular. I am guessing due to the popularity of Always Infinity Maxi Pads? Super Weird. But, still a funny post with lots of swearing and crassness that I was famous for in 2012.

4. Pinterest Fail.  I am so damn proud of this post. I royally eff’d up trying to be a Pinterest Mom and ended up with one of my most favourite posts of all time.

HD in water 1

Have you ever seen anything so stupid in you life?  Also, I have to thank the people over at Craft Fail, because I sent them this joke of a dinner and they posted it and I consistently get traffic from them. Plus, they are geniuses to make such an awesome website for our sad attempts.

3. Naked Birthday Party.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Side Note: I swore for my Auntie Jean. She hates it when I swear in my blog. Anywho… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I wrote this hilarious re cap of a taking my daughter to a swimming birthday party only to name it such a name that perverts everywhere search it constantly. Again, I gave it this title when I didn’t understand how search engine optimization worked.  It really is a funny post, but sadly, no one really reads it because they are looking for photos of people Naked at a Birthday Party!

#2. Jillian Michaels Broke My Bra.  I love this post. Love, love, love it. It makes me super happy that its #2 on my list. Sure, you all liked it, but I had to hustle it a bit. After I wrote it. I enlisted a ton of my friends to tweet it out to Jillian Michaels. And then Jillian even tweeted me, which was the highlight of my life….

Jillian Tweet 2


Jillian Tweet



Jillian Michaels was on tour in the United States. To this day I am not sure if she told this story at one of her “talks” on stage, but I was getting really weird amounts of traffic from odd places in the United States for a few days and then I searched where her tour was going and BINGO BANGO BUNGO the traffic on my blog matched the cities she was speaking in. Cool, eh?! So, Jillian, you really do owe me a bra. Do the right thing lady.

Which brings us to #1……

The Benson Family.  I wrote this post for a childhood friend. We haven’t been in touch for decades, but I had been following her story on Facebook and when I heard/saw that her daughter Jaymee was in the hospital I wanted to know what I could do to help her.  So Heather told me, raise awareness, end the use of the “r” word and get the family on Ellen  I am not sure that the post did any of those things, but I am happy to report that Jaymee was indeed home with her family for Christmas.

Ending my year with the knowledge of the Benson family being together for Christmas is enough for me.

Happy New Year!


FYI: I love stats so much that I wanted to share with you exactly who is reading my blog.