I’m Popular….

I am a little bit behind.

But, you already knew that about me.

I posted about my favourite posts of 2013 but I never did a wrap up of my most popular posts of 2103.  And I know you are all just chomping at the bit to see what people were clicking on.

The most popular post of 2013 wasn’t even done by me.

I know.


It was done by my wonderful friend Shauna. She had a rant about the commitment to her Elf on the Shelf and it went a little bit viral for me.   Her post Charming Tradition My Ass had 11x the views of any other regular blog post on Mommy’s Weird.  She’s a big deal.

The second most popular post was when I got Kicked Out Of A Blogging Contest.  For the record, I had no hurt feelings. Those contests are voting contests and they are stupid. The only thing that bugged me was that other bloggers complained about me giving away free prizes to those who voted for me.  Idiots.  I found it really weird that nice polite Canadians would complain about little old me.  Again, idiots. But, thanks for the page views you big sucky losers, because I won on that one.

Now, this next one is kind of gross and my own fault.  When I started blogging in 2011, I wasn’t aware of Search Engine Results and how perverted people were.  My third most popular post of 2013 is actually from 2011 and its called Naked Birthday Party.  Sheesh.  But, it is still one of my favourite posts.

Coming in at #4 was a post I did that most people can relate to.  It was called Facebook Ruined My Dress.  I love this post. I think it should be in every newspaper in the world.  But, I also have an inflated sense of self. I blame my parents for that one.

And wrapping things up at #5 was when I busted a new friend having sex with her husband.  For the record, I still think she likes me, but I am not sure on that. She never bought me matching BFF shirts for Christmas. Whoa… During The Day Part II, was so much fun to write and I am looking forward to writing a Part III.

I won’t tell you the search results, because they are disgusting, but I will tell you that one of the most searched items of 2013 was Sex In The Basement.

Yup, perverts are alive and well in the universe.


What does that say about the author of that piece?


So where are most of Mommy’s Weird visitors coming from in 2013?

1. Cranbrook, BC

2. Calgary, AB

3. Brandon, MB

4. Toronto, ON

5. Winnipeg, MB

6. Nelson. BC

7. Vancouver, BC

8. Edmonton, AB

9. Red Deer. AB

10. Ottawa, ON

This is super interesting to me, because often brands want to know your location in Canada because they want to focus on a certain project.  I always want to say, “Um.. its the internet. I’m everywhere, bitches.”  But, I don’t. I especially don’t call them bitches in the mean way.

That was bitches as in “I am awesome and you shouldn’t forget it”.


Was that interesting to you?  Or is that just me.  Do you want to know what I ate today?  Or how many bowel movements I had in 2013?  I’ll do that wrap up tomorrow.



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