Naked Birthday Party….

If there is one thing I hate about parenting, it has to be invited to the naked birthday parties, stay with me here…


Meme 6

I am noticing a trend. Whenever I start a story about me and some Hot Mom’s it usually included the word sushi. So, keeping with that theme….

A few months ago I was out for sushi with a couple of Mommy’s that I met in a Mommy and Me Class.

We started chatting about ideas for our three year olds birthday party. Sledding, Skating, Movies, Bowling, blah, blah, blah.  Riveting.

Then Mommy #1 had something to share.

She recently took her daughter to a swimming birthday party.

“Oh that’s a good idea!”  I say.

“Sort of.” She replied.  Mommy #1 went on to talk about how the swimming is great, but then you call go to the change room, look at each other get naked and then go and eat cake.

I had never thought of that.

Such a good point.

I am still traumatized from my grade 6 school field trip to the city. We took the bus for 3 hours and then stayed at the YMCA in Regina, Saskatchewan.  I never went swimming, but somehow ended up in a change room where two women were having a shower.


I had hardly even seen myself naked. And here were these 2 grown women in the shower.


I had never seen so much bush in my life.

Another time, I went to an aquafit class with a co worker.  I’ll save the story, but I can still see her bent over drying her feet.  See what goes on in my head? It’s not pretty.

So, when Whirlwind was invited to a Swimming Birthday Party last weekend. I started to sweat.


Firstly, showing off my 200lb body in swimsuit is not my most favourite thing to do. My breasts are just out of control. But, secondly, getting naked in front of all of my friends and then wrestling my bra and panties (yes, I used the word panties, I like it)  over my wet body and flopping my boobs into my bra is NOT a good look for me.

Thankfully, there was a private change room. And me and my boobs were able to wrestle in private.

Did you know that I hit Jillian Michaels and was on Tyra Banks Tv Show the Fab Life?

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