Tyra Banks Touched My Breasts…

Remember last week when I told you I was going to Los Angeles to be a on a t.v show?

The video is so funny, I was so excited. My body kept making all these crazy noises that not only did I not know it could make,  but I also had no control over.

And this is the reason why….

Fab Life 6




Remember when Jillian Michaels broke my bra?

Well  FABLife got a hold of that story and loved every second of it! I mean who didn’t? It was one of the most viewed posts ever on Mommy’s Weird.  It was tweeted and re-tweeted and shared and “liked” a ton, that eventually Jillian re-tweeted me.

But, she never did the right thing.

She never replaced the bra that I asked her to replace. It is hard to be a big breasted woman and find a bra that actually does the trick when I am working out.

Last Monday, FABLife flew me out to LA for 40 hours to be on the show.  The entire thing was surreal.  I knew I was going on the show to just do a little blurb about “Bra Hacks.” I pretty much expected to be in the studio audience and they would ask me about my broken bra, yada yada.

Instead, I ended up in a quick one on one chat with Tyra Banks.

While we were chatting, I felt someone to the right of my body, and legitimately it scared me. And I reacted, now I have not seen the video yet, but apparently, I get so surprised that I actually push Jillian Michaels.  


I guess her publicist loved it and asked to see it in slow motion.

Jillian Michaels then handed me a new sports bra to make up for the one she broke.

The problem was it looked pretty small.

It was NOT going to fit me.

So, I told her that.

And that is when things went a little sideways.

I am not sure how it happened or why it happened, but the next thing I knew, I felt a hand on each of my breasts.  Tyra Banks was behind me with her big mitts cupping my breasts.  Then on National Television, I said my bra size.  I don’t know why, I did that.

Telling people on Mommy’s Weird is one thing, but telling it on National TV is another.  I cannot wait to see the expression on my face when it airs.  I truly was thinking, “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?! HOW DID I GET HERE?!”

It was surreal.

But, it was a segment about bra’s and breasts so it really wasn’t out of context and I wasn’t upset. Please know that I made the title “Tyra Banks Touched My Breasts” all in good fun and quite possibly as click bait.

Was it an awesome experience?


But guess what Jillian Michaels?

You still owe me a damn bra.

Here are a few more pictures from the studio….


 Fab Life  
Fab Life 3  Fab Life 2  Fab Life 5

More professional photos of Tyra and Jillian enjoying their Kyla Sandwich here.

The show airs this Monday, November 2nd.  It is available in Canada but not on a Canadian network, you will have to check your local listings, for an ABC channel. Where I live it comes on at 5 pm. 

I have been told by the amazing producers and crew on the show that there will be lots of video and photos available to me on Monday.  But, I couldn’t wait any longer to share my experience. I have talked to lots of people who have never heard of FABLife, its because its brand new and just started in August. The formula of the show is pretty fun.

It was the most amazing 4o hours in LA and Culver City, you need to go check out my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see all the ridiculousness I got up to with my friend Tiffany, who by the way was the one who took the photos of me at the taping.  She’s sneaky that way.

Here is the video from the show…


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46 thoughts on “Tyra Banks Touched My Breasts…

  1. Kyla, I have been WAITING to hear this story! I hope I’ll be able to find a way to see video of this (we don’t have cable). Assuming it’ll be available online, I am dying to see it! 🙂 I love that this happened for you- so fun!!! 🙂

  2. EEEkkk!!!! What an experience. I can’t wait to see the segment, I imagine it’s freaken hilarious. And really, who hasn’t had a dream about Tyra Banks touching their boobs? 😉 lol

  3. Watching all those videos made my mascara run (wait, I wasn’t wearing mascara, so what is that??). I am so excited for you and can’t believe you told everyone you are a 32DD on air (winky face). Love you more now!! Off to tape it now…

  4. Oh Kyla I was so excited for you! I loved all the Periscopes and all your videos leading up to the big reveal. You truly have the gift to make me laugh out loud, always with you and never at you. I can’t imagine having my breasts cupped on national tv. Mind you they are lot smaller than yours! I can’t wait to see the episode when it airs.

  5. This is sooooo great! I am so happy for you! I can only imagine how amazing of an experience it was!! You are even more famous now! And by the way you could have shared some of your cleavage with some of us “barely there” breasted women! LOL I love ya girl!

  6. I can’t remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I’m soooo happy I did….you make me laugh almost on a daily basis and how great is that? And now I will never look at Tyra Bank’s hands in the same way……

  7. I knew it!!
    I remember the bra story – it was hilarious!
    After you finished your scope on the whole cupping bit, I put two and two together and hoped for what you wrote here!
    So happy for you – that was a freakin’ funny post and you deserved to be recognized as the fab blogger you are – congrats!!

  8. So excited for this, I have it set to record. Your next post will be that the show got so much awesome feedback on you that they now want you to be part of the panel regularly. You were always meant to be famous lol, you are such a rock star!

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