2013 Best Blog Posts….

I was recently asked by a friend on twitter, what my favourite blog posts of 2013 were/are.

First let’s address that I said “friend on twitter”. Yes, there are people on twitter that I have never met in real life that I consider my friends. Super creepy. I know. But, I like to live on the edge.

Secondly, let’s talk about what a high sense of self I have. I assumed he meant, my most favourite blog post of 2013. Of course all the best stuff on the interweb was written, produced and published by me. Sha-ha.

Thirdly, I said were/are in the first sentence because my grammar sucks and I was thrown for a loop and a bit confused of how I should write that sentence.

And fourthly, here are my favourites from 2013.

Remember when all my girlfriends got Glamour Shots?  My husband was lucky again this year to receive non such gift under the tree this year.

Remember when I let my daughter play with Barbies but not those Bratz sluts? Feminism is alive and well in our home.

Remember when I was socially akward and busted my new friend having sex with her husband? Surprisingly she still likes me. Go figure.

And most recently, remember when I insult people who like to wipe their asses with flowers while camping?

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