Feminism and Barbie….

I just got a comment on my most recent blog post that has inspired a post of its own.

Inspiration really is everywhere, isn’t it.  I sort of feel like I am in a deodorant commercial. You know dancing and frolicking in a meadow.


The comment was about my daughter playing with Barbies.

Now, here is something I want you to know about me, I am a feminist.

Ooooooh. So scary.

Feminism is women having the same rights as men.


That’s it. It is not a bad word.

I would even say that my father, my brother and my husband are also feminists.

Now since I have shared that, you mind find this a bit shocking, I am not against Barbies.

Can you believe I am actually talking about the “F Word” and Barbies in the same sentence?


Let those breast feeding Nazi Momma’s after me.

Oh, I just said that too.



So, I am going to say it again,  I do NOT hate Barbie.

Barbie is an unrealistic representation of women. I get that.  But so is Mary Poppins, I mean, the lady flies with an umbrella, granted her child minding skill are superb.

And how about, Stuart Little’s Mom, she is a human raising a mouse for a son?  I am surprised the looney bin didn’t take her away.

And then there is Jack and the Beanstalks Mom, she really had unrealistic expectations of her son. Seriously, she was waaaaay too hard on that poor boy. He was just trying to do the right thing. A cow for magic beans?  That’s a steal of a deal, lady.

If I wanted my daughter to only play with toys that gave her a real representation of women, I would only let her play with Ursula from “Little Mermaid”.


Sort of.

My four year old daughter, Whirlwind,  is obsessed with the word Barbie. She wants Barbie everything.  Yesterday, she announced she wanted a Barbie Birthday Cake.

Honestly, part of me does think “ugh”, when she talks this way.  Yes, the marketers have set a target on my little girl and they have won.   I never ever thought I would  be the “type” of person, who bought Barbies for her daughter. Congratulations, Mattel.  You win. Your medal is in the mail.

Granted, we only have one Barbie in our home, so you still have your work cut out for you. But, talking about Barbie makes my little girl happy.

And if all my four year old wants for Christmas is a Barbie Make up Set, from that damn Sears Wishbook, you better believe that I am going to spend $19.99, and make it her best Christmas ever.

And it really was worth it.

You know who we really should wage wore on?

Those slutty Bratz Dolls.

Now, those girls got some serious Daddy issues.

p.s I would also like to add a passive aggressive smiley face to this post to those that I may have offended by calling Bratz Dolls slutty. That was not very feminist of me. So here it is 🙂


29 thoughts on “Feminism and Barbie….

  1. Ha, I’m a total feminist, and I loved Barbies when I was a girl. I was under no impression that real women looked like that, and maybe that’s why she was fun!

    Also, Ursula is totally real women in this day and age. LOL

  2. Crap. I don’t even remember what I commented. Should I apologize or be proud that I inspired you? Let me know. Sigh.


    I am a feminist too and when my daughters were little we had every Barbie known to exist. And for the record they had Bratz dolls too.

    And guess what? At eighteen and thirteen now, my Barbie playing girls are University bound feminists.

    Honestly I don’t think the dolls make any difference, our daughters are watching their role models and those are, gulp, us.

    Poor babies. 😉

  3. Stumbled upon this and thought it was great. People have bought Barbies as gifts for my daughter – it’s sort of the impersonal go-to gift when you’re not sure what to get someone. Anyway, I would like to say that I played with barbies as a kid, and look at me now.. A raging feminist. Damn those Barbies for turning a perfectly good-natured kid into the evil F-word. On an off-note, I used to cut the barbies hair off and glue it to their vulvas and armpits, since I was under the impression that was how women REALLY were.

    I get that her body isn’t scientifically possible to have, but as women we should still respect the fact that there ARE women who are skinny, long-legged, big breasted and/or blonde. That doesn’t make her any less or more attractive than a short brunette who happens to be overweight according to the BMI.

    Love your blog, definitely going to follow!

  4. I am a feminist. I am also a stay at home mom. Also my daughter has 27 Barbies. And you know what? She’s going to grow up to kick ass in this world because I am going to teach her how to. She’s going to be awesome because I am her mom and I am awesome. Barbie isn’t teaching her squat, I teach her everything.

    I’m okay with it.

  5. Barbies are the girls equivolent of Lego. Girls love them and isn’t that great? Girls use their imagination to make up stories & situations for their Barbies.

    I think people that read to much into what Barbie does or does not teach my little girl have either way too much time on their hands or think I have completely abdicated my parenting role as a parent. I get to teach my daughter that she can do anything, be anything and needs to be a responsible member of society.

    Barbie just gets to sit there and look pretty. Or at least she did before her hair got cut off.

  6. We truly have only a small window when children don’t care or understand the big picture, plus they are happy than a pig in sh*t with a $1.99 Hotwheel (per se) so, dammit, that’s all that matters . . . for now 🙂

  7. Really, Barbie’s not that bad. First of all, she started off as “Barbie, Fashion Model”, so of course her body’s going to be unrealistic. Just like most real fashion models.

    And looks aside, over the years Barbie has had an impressive array of careers – isn’t that more important than what she looks like? I played with Barbies, and not once did I think I ought to grow up looking like her; anymore than my brother thought he ought to grow up to look like Lego guys or HeMan.

    But yeah… Bratz dolls have got to go.

  8. Girl I’m the same! Oh since you brought up the B word I have to share my Bratz dolls story. Wait – haven’t they been banished from society yet?! We dealt with those when my girls were little – I turned it into a marketing lesson so my daughter wrote the makers of Bratz dolls a letter when she was 5 asking them to make them more appropriate so that I would buy them. I told her not to be mad at me but to be mad at the “company-that-didn’t-care-about-her-and-just-wanted-our-money”. It worked! At that time they had released some dolls with “thong” underwear!! Moms freaked out and they said it was an “accident” and pulled them off the shelves. I took a stand and it caused my daughters to push back but I didn’t waiver. It turned out to be a great experience in the end. Now we have the same issue with a Nestle boycott and even though they love Nestle chocolate bars we don’t spend our money on them. They feel sad for all the babies that Nestle left high and dry with no more breastmilk AND no more free samples of formula. Sometimes us moms just have to take a stand about what we believe in. For me it was Bratz…

  9. There is nothing wrong with Barbie. I had them growing up. I adored them. They did not destroy my sense of self worth. It’s a doll. Period. You can make her be and act however you want. Playing with dolls is healthy, it builds imagination. What difference does it make if it’s a thin blonde or a chubby Cabbage Patch Kid?

  10. “If I wanted my daughter to only play with toys that gave her a real representation of women, I would only let her play with Ursula from “Little Mermaid”.”
    Hey! I ressemble that comment. Oh wait… resent. Yes resent that comment!

  11. Good points – there are lots of things in our current society that give our daughters an unrealistic idea about women and femininity. I guess it’s up to us as moms to attempt to counteract those bad influences (whatever they may be) and teach our daughters what we want them to learn about being women. That may mean finding the good in toys like Barbies or in all of Disney’s Princesses. Personally, I still don’t want to let Barbies in my house, but I’ve relaxed my stance against the Princesses. This topic is likely something I’ll keep thinking about as my daughters grow older and change their own interests and tastes. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  12. I completely agree with you about those bratz dolls! lol! Glad I’m not the only one that thinks it! And thanks for linking up with us for the Canucks Rock: All Canadian Link Up – I got you on my feed reader now 🙂

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