Feminism and Barbie….

I just got a comment on my most recent blog post that has inspired a post of its own.

Inspiration really is everywhere, isn’t it.  I sort of feel like I am in a deodorant commercial. You know dancing and frolicking in a meadow.


The comment was about my daughter playing with Barbies.

Now, here is something I want you to know about me, I am a feminist.

Ooooooh. So scary.

Feminism is women having the same rights as men.


That’s it. It is not a bad word.

I would even say that my father, my brother and my husband are also feminists.

Now since I have shared that, you mind find this a bit shocking, I am not against Barbies.

Can you believe I am actually talking about the “F Word” and Barbies in the same sentence?


Let those breast feeding Nazi Momma’s after me.

Oh, I just said that too.



So, I am going to say it again,  I do NOT hate Barbie.

Barbie is an unrealistic representation of women. I get that.  But so is Mary Poppins, I mean, the lady flies with an umbrella, granted her child minding skill are superb.

And how about, Stuart Little’s Mom, she is a human raising a mouse for a son?  I am surprised the looney bin didn’t take her away.

And then there is Jack and the Beanstalks Mom, she really had unrealistic expectations of her son. Seriously, she was waaaaay too hard on that poor boy. He was just trying to do the right thing. A cow for magic beans?  That’s a steal of a deal, lady.

If I wanted my daughter to only play with toys that gave her a real representation of women, I would only let her play with Ursula from “Little Mermaid”.


Sort of.

My four year old daughter, Whirlwind,  is obsessed with the word Barbie. She wants Barbie everything.  Yesterday, she announced she wanted a Barbie Birthday Cake.

Honestly, part of me does think “ugh”, when she talks this way.  Yes, the marketers have set a target on my little girl and they have won.   I never ever thought I would  be the “type” of person, who bought Barbies for her daughter. Congratulations, Mattel.  You win. Your medal is in the mail.

Granted, we only have one Barbie in our home, so you still have your work cut out for you. But, talking about Barbie makes my little girl happy.

And if all my four year old wants for Christmas is a Barbie Make up Set, from that damn Sears Wishbook, you better believe that I am going to spend $19.99, and make it her best Christmas ever.

And it really was worth it.

You know who we really should wage wore on?

Those slutty Bratz Dolls.

Now, those girls got some serious Daddy issues.

p.s I would also like to add a passive aggressive smiley face to this post to those that I may have offended by calling Bratz Dolls slutty. That was not very feminist of me. So here it is 🙂