Sex Curiosity….

Something has been annoying me lately.

And its starting to really tick me off.  Its like everywhere I look I see young women being sexualized. I am pretty sure this has been happening for years and I am only noticing it now because I am a Mom.

I am pretty quick that way.

Okay, that was sarcasm.  I’m not that quick on most things, I just bought UGG boots last week.


My daughter is only four years old and in ten years she is going to be interested in this sort of “stuff”.

I am so bothered by this, that I can’t even use the word “sex” in the same sentence with anything that refers to the above sentence.

Did you follow that?

Let me try again.


My little girl being a teenager.

And sex.

I truly feel that there is something messed up with human biology.  Our entire system is a damn mess.

Here is what I know so far and what I don’t get. Why is it that when you become a teenager, you become curious about sex and then it never goes away?

I mean, I used to love Joey on New Kids On The Block and THAT has gone away.

I used to love ripple chips dipped in ketchup and THAT has gone away.

I used to love drinking lemon gin and THAT has gone away.

So if it doesn’t go away, then at least the curiosity shouldn’t start so early in life.  I think that there is something wrong with the human body.  And I am not sure who I can tell this to. President Obama seems like a really nice man, but I am not sure he can convince the world that we shouldn’t have only fourteen short years of innocence.

But, if all the world leaders would listen to me for one moment, I have an idea.  Considering we live to be 85 years old, I think that some how we should be injected with some sort of chemical that makes us uninterested in sex until we are thirty.

You might think I am being dramatic.

But, I have thought about this extensively. And I really mean it.

My cousin and I had this conversation once and I told her how much this bothered me. And she summed up all my fears perfectly.You know what she said?

“Put your daughter in Girl Guides. Girl Guides don’t give blow jobs.”

Um… okay.

Where do we sign up?