Whoa… During The Day Part II…

Remember when I told you I was trying to make new friends? 

Remember how I am trying to fit in at school pick up?

Remember when I discovered that all of my friends were having sex during the day?

Sorry that is a lot of remembering.

No pop quiz.

I promise.


So keeping with the theme of sex during the day and trying to make new friends and attempting to fit in at school pick up.   I happened to combine all three of these awkward situations in one big swoop.

You see, a new Mommy friend that I know from school pick up gave me her phone number.  We aren’t really casual texters. We  usually text to pass along information or to make play date plans or maybe a coffee date.  We are getting there.  Maybe I will buy her a “Best Friends Forever” necklace for Christmas.


The other day my friend and her husband walked hand in hand to school pick up. They reeked of sex.  Not literally. I mean, I couldn’t smell it on them. But I could feel it from them. They totally oozed of fresh sex.

And because I say dumb things I said, “How’s it going? What’s new?”

They both sort of stammered and said something about going for a “run”.

Listen, I may be a bit of an idiot. But, there is no way that just happened. They totally just bumped uglies.  Give me some credit, you horndogs.  So, I smiled nicely while I was thinking, “What a couple of liars.”

Now before I go on with this story, let’s just remember that I am an idiot that can not let things go.  Not only do I say dumb inappropriate things, I text them too.

Case in point…

text1 text 2

Thank God, she still likes me. I mean really, who texts that to a woman they have just started to become friends with?

But, she still answered me! I didn’t scare her off. Anyways sorry to cut this short, I gotta run and go order those BFF necklaces now.


17 thoughts on “Whoa… During The Day Part II…

  1. That you text stuff like that is totally why we all love you Kyla. And I wonder if now it’s going to be a challenge, like “Let’s have sex and see if Kyla notices.”

  2. Well, we could totally be friends. Because I am seriously the worst for this. The excruciating 2 seconds after that text sends, when you read it back to yourself and think: “What did I just do!?”

    Thanks for the laugh!

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