Trying To Make New Friends….

Now that Whirlwind is in Kindergarten, I have realized that its time to actually look at Baby Bot and plan him a play date or two.

Last year I enrolled Baby Bot in a music class.  He loved it.  I was less then enthusiastic.  I just felt like I had been there and done that. I never really took the opportunity to really get to know the other Mom’s like I would have had it been Whirlwind.

With Whirlwind, I loved everything.

I especially loved other Mom’s. I would hunt them down in department stores and start of really odd conversations. It’s true. You can ask a few of my Mommy friends. I met one at breast feeding class.  Another in Walmart because her daughter was wearing the same sweater Whirlwind had on and I met another in Safeway because I am super stalky that way.

I was the typical annoying first time parent.


This was about Baby Bot wasn’t it?

Damn it.

I did it again.

Everything is about Whirlwind.

Imagine if I had another child?

No wonder middle children eat margarine and freshly trimmed hair sandwiches.

Those kids are damaged.

Like seriously damaged.

Speaking of damaged, my friend Heather and I used to eat Wonderbread smothered with butter and sprinkled with Coffemate.


If you are out and about and you an incredibly attractive chubby woman strikes up a conversation with you and wants to know what year your van is, or how much sex you are having and if you like wearing thong underwear, it’s just me trying to make new friends for Baby Bot.

AMENDMENT:  I just had coffee with a friend who had read this post and she reminded me that I also stalked her in a local children’s store and that while I was stalking her I told her that I came to that store all the time because I was hoping the owners would be my friend.

And then I just found a Facebook message from last week, where I basically just begged two people to let me hang out with them.

Sweet Jesus.

This might be a problem.



21 thoughts on “Trying To Make New Friends….

  1. I totally saw you at the park a few weeks ago with your kiddos, I was stalking you. We were actually leaving the park at the same time (I was pushing a big double stroller) but I chickened out and didn’t say hi! P.S. my son is 2.5 and would love to have a friend to play with if you want to get together one day 🙂

  2. I had one friend do that with me, she’s younger and all her friends didn’t have kids and she saw that I had a little boy the same age. We used to hang out all the time till she moved to another state.

  3. See, I have a different problem. My kids are a little older than yours, so I can’t use them to make friends so much anymore because they’ve started picking their own damn friends. Now that we’re moving, I’m going to have to stalk all new people, and I won’t even have a toddler to hold out in front of me. I need to have another baby, stat.

  4. This makes so much sense now as to why you were so patient with me while I basically stalked you until we became friends. I get it, we have an overlap in similarities. Coffee this week? Yes? My house? Date!

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