Facebook Ruined My Dress…

I wear a lot of black.

I don’t mean to.

Well, I guess I do mean to. I just like the colour.  It has nothing to do with it being slimming.

Not a damn thing.


I’m lying. But, you knew that already.

Last year I was asked to co MC our local Business Excellence Awards.  It was in April so I wanted something springy to wear so I headed off to Penningtons and bought this dress….

Dress Darcy


And then I posted this photo on Facebook.



Any who…..

Then I had a wedding to go to in August and I wore this dress…

Dress Krista


And because my husband was 3 provinces away and the kids looked so cute, I took this photo and posted  it to my Facebook page to show my husband how adorable his family looked before we headed off to a wedding.

Then our friend from college was getting married this September and I decided again to, yes, wear this dress….

Dress Paul


And then as usual I posted it to Facebook.

I had another event 2 weeks later and realized, that CRAP ON A CRACKER I cannot wear the dress.  I need a new dress. My Facebook posting of this dress had ruined the dress.  I have ruined the shelf life of the dress.

I only owned it for 5 months, wore it 3x and posted it on Facebook 3x and blogged about it one time.

Good bye sweet dress.

So the dress is officially for sale…..

Size 1 x dress

Danced in 3x

Spilled wine on 2x

Spilled beer on 1x

Sweated profusely in 2x

Travelled from BC to Manitoba 2x

Crumpled on a pile on the floor 3x and only 1x was for a good reason.

Boom Chicka Wow Wow.


34 thoughts on “Facebook Ruined My Dress…

  1. That’s too bad. It’s a pretty dress and you look great in it.

    PS. LOVE the “boom chicka wow wow” at the end! It think I just adopted it as my new fave saying when I’m not sure what to say next!

  2. I think that the dress is super cute and you look great in it. I say screw the complainers and just wear it again. I can honestly barely remember what I wore yesterday, so forget about something you’ve worn three times and that I might have seen in passing in my facebook feed. Strut your stuff hot mama!

  3. As someone who lives out of a backpack I say keep the dress and keep wearing it! ALL my pictures look the same because I only have about 3 ”outfits’ to wear. I figure if it looks good, and you feel good in it, then wear it!! Who cares?!

  4. It’s a gorgeous dress…. I am a firm believer that a dress should be worn for an entire season, not just an event. It takes a lot to be chosen as THE dress. Oh but thanks … not interested in buying it thanks to all the numbers and x’s you posted 😉

  5. Hahahahaha. This is awesome. I am the same way. If I love a dress I keep wearing it and wearing it and wearing it. I say keep it and wear it b/c it is an awesome dress.

  6. haha this reminds me of buying a conference dress, I only get to wear it once and then another conference comes around and it’s the perfect dress but that’s the only dress that anyone has seen on me and it’s been in a hundred pictures!

  7. I’ve been there, Kyla! Every summer I have an outfit I like a lot, I’m comfortable in it and look presentable (the best I can hope for). I wear it to everything I want to look nice at, pictures are taken and tada! I look like I wear the same damn thing all summer long. I do it every single year. I’m just embracing it rather than fight it. I’m a total dork.

  8. You looked beautiful in that dress & good times makes it even better. You should keep it because obviously it is a good one to party in. All that alcohol coming out easily. Whoo hooo

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