Facebook Ruined My Dress…

I wear a lot of black.

I don’t mean to.

Well, I guess I do mean to. I just like the colour.  It has nothing to do with it being slimming.

Not a damn thing.


I’m lying. But, you knew that already.

Last year I was asked to co MC our local Business Excellence Awards.  It was in April so I wanted something springy to wear so I headed off to Penningtons and bought this dress….

Dress Darcy


And then I posted this photo on Facebook.



Any who…..

Then I had a wedding to go to in August and I wore this dress…

Dress Krista


And because my husband was 3 provinces away and the kids looked so cute, I took this photo and posted  it to my Facebook page to show my husband how adorable his family looked before we headed off to a wedding.

Then our friend from college was getting married this September and I decided again to, yes, wear this dress….

Dress Paul


And then as usual I posted it to Facebook.

I had another event 2 weeks later and realized, that CRAP ON A CRACKER I cannot wear the dress.  I need a new dress. My Facebook posting of this dress had ruined the dress.  I have ruined the shelf life of the dress.

I only owned it for 5 months, wore it 3x and posted it on Facebook 3x and blogged about it one time.

Good bye sweet dress.

So the dress is officially for sale…..

Size 1 x dress

Danced in 3x

Spilled wine on 2x

Spilled beer on 1x

Sweated profusely in 2x

Travelled from BC to Manitoba 2x

Crumpled on a pile on the floor 3x and only 1x was for a good reason.

Boom Chicka Wow Wow.