How To Get Kicked Out Of A Blogging Contest….

Have you ever wondered how you, yes you could get kicked out of a blogging contest? Let me share with you how easy it can be done.



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Ladies and Gentlemen.

Boys and Girls.

Gather around while I tell you a little tale about the time I was kicked out of a blogging contest.

Before I begin this tale, let me go back a few years and tell you about my first few times in taking part in these types of  voting contests.

Wait, back up the train, lady.

What is a “voting” contest?

I am so glad you asked.

It’s a popularity contest. Sort of like the time  I ran for Vice President in High school.  I made a few posters and then got a few grade 7 minions to run up and down the halls and shout, “VOTE FOR KYLA!”

In the world of blogging, there is a ton of controversy about such contests.  Mostly because they have nothing to do with merit or skill.  It’s just your friends, fans and family having fun clicking a little button and seeing your name rise to to the top of the list.  It does not mean you are a good blogger.  It does not mean you are a good writer. It does not mean much.

I do get some perks. Ad agencies review these lists to see who is “influential” in the blogging and advertising world.  Cool opportunities have come my way because of the voting contest with Circle of Mom’s.  I make a bit of money in advertising. I also get some free stuff like movies, knives, sugar, sex lube and callus remover.

But, the real winner in these contests is the site that hosts the contest because the traffic onto their websites becomes huge.


Um… where was I?

Oh, I was telling you a tale.

I have had a blast with these contests, yes for the opportunities, but also the chance to meet and support other bloggers. Last year I placed #8 and I threatened to pee on one of the other bloggers.

I’m classy.

Well, this year my humour was not appreciated by Circle of Mom’s or the other Canadian Bloggers.

This is the letter I received yesterday;

Hi Kyla,

Thank you for participating in our Top 25 Canadian Moms contest and
putting so much energy into getting votes.

Over the past few days, we've received questions from several 
members who are concerned that you received votes for our Top 
25 Canadian Moms contest through multiple posts you ran on your 
blog offering prizes as an incentive to get votes. When so 
many members reach out to us with the same concern, we feel 
obligated to address the issues they've raised. We also
want to make sure we can continue to ensure the integrity of 
our voting system and program.

As shared in our Blogger Programs: Frequently Asked Questions, 
and thecheck box required to enter your blog in the contest, 
we want to ensure that voting is done fairly and that all 
participants have an equal chance of winning. For this reason 
we do not allow participants to use prizes asan incentive to 
get votes.

While we think your blog is a great resource and would like 
to avoid having to remove it from the program, we do feel it's 
necessary to ask you to remove all posts offering prizes for 
voting in our Top 25 Canadian Moms contest (screenshots attached).

Please contact us by 3pm PST today or we will be forced to 
remove yourblog from this contest.

We hope you understand our position, and look forward to 
hearing back fromyou.

The Circle of Moms team

And they included these screen shots of me behaving like a complete silly bum;

Complaint 1 Complaint 2


And because I was on my iphone reading this message outside of Baby Bot’s music class, I replied with this;

It was a joke. I am a humour blogger. I don't believe it says 
that for each vote I get there will be a prize. Lol. I currently 
do have 2 giveaways on my blog but those were booked before the 
contest. Go ahead and take me off. The publicity from this alone 
will be hilarious if not awesome. 
Too bad. 

So what did I learn from this?

Wordpress,  I am writing the most epic blog post of my life 
and you won't let me change the font.


So let's pretend this is the original font okay?  
Bear with me.

I do get their point. What I don't get is why would other 
Canadian Mom's complain about me?  

Did they really think I was giving out prizes for votes?

And if anyone is going to be mad, shouldn't it be 
Circle of Mom's because I called their contest stupid?

If anything they should have given me the boot for THAT!
So what did I learn from this?
That not everyone gets me.

That not everyone can take a joke.

And that blogging is a contact sport.

Oh and I also learned that I need to take a blogging 
class in WordPress so I can change this fucking font.

78 thoughts on “How To Get Kicked Out Of A Blogging Contest….

  1. You’re just like the Miss America contestants that get kicked out because it turned out they posed nude at some point. JUST LIKE THAT. 😉 Wait. You haven’t ACTUALLY posed nude, have you? All it means is you’ll be even more famous one day and you’ll have this little (mis)step to thank for it. Love you, Kyla!

  2. That is too funny. When I went to check those two screen shots I was in no way under the impression you were giving away prizes but hey if you are I would love a free pair of glasses LOL little do they realize bad publicity is good publicity. so are you still in the contest or did you get the boot?

  3. I’m still twisty about the “quarky” mom.
    But really – people quit maturing when they’re about 12. Maybe 8. Either way, what a bunch of brats. Good riddance to them all. WE know you’re the best! (and you only had to pay me callus remover to say that).

  4. I love your blog. And your sense of humor. And I love your reply.
    And anyways, how do they think some people gets 4000 + votes?? Honestly. Those ladies must be so tired…….

  5. Too funny. I hate daily votes for myself. I’m not a good self promoter even if I am the most awesome of all… Except for you, lol. And um when you figure out the font thing do share. I fricken hate that I can’t do anything but make letters bigger.

  6. Wow… Some people just don’t get it. If they had ever even looked at your blog they’d know it was a joke.
    ***we’re still getting our free stuff right?***
    I love your response. If they don’t get you, they shouldn’t be getting the benefit of traffic from your blog!
    ***but really where’s my stuff – I voted a LOT***

  7. As a newbie blogger, I find these competitions to be SUPER frustrating. Take the Top 25 funny moms – some of the winners were *not* funny. What is point of COM vetting the nominees if they aren’t going to have a quick read and make sure that they minimally meet the requirements? One funny post does not a funny blogger make! And then there is the HUGE disparity between the hugely successful bloggers and the everyday Joes like me. How the eff am I supposed to compete with Baby Sideburns or Crappy Parenting? Do those blogs even need the COM kudos to land sponsored opps? They have BOOK deals, people, so clearly that is a no! Why can’t they be graceful and say, “Hey, I already have 100k followers, so I’ll sit this one out and let some other people try and make some headway with this thing?”

    On the complete opposite end of the spectrum are the bloggies. COMPLETELY different. The nominees were reviewed by a panelist of 200 randomly selected people who had nominated someone and then a shortlist of 5 bloggers in each category were actually up for a vote. And then, you could only vote once (not once daily) ONCE per email address. There were no ads on the site and no monetization of the competition by the managing group. And you know what, the end result was a list of blogs that are actually really, really good.

    All that said, I am still participating in the COM European mom competition at the moment, because I need the recognition.. And I am killing myself to try and get the votes to stay in the top 25, basically calling in every favor I can short of offering to donate blood or an organ (because obviously that would violate the spirit of the competition, haha).

    Go you – go you for speaking out and not rolling over and taking it up the virtual ass on this one. Go you for pointing out the giant hypocrisy of a website that is making likely thousands of dollars off the site traffic associated with the contests that they run throughout the year bitching at you for the measly amount of promos you had managed to monetize without their help. In short (said after typing a book here), GO YOU!

  8. I don’t get it. Somebody would only need to spend about three minutes on your blog to understand you are not the kind of person who would buy votes. You are a class act, even when your hair is drunk.
    And when did writing become about popularity? Many followers does not equate to excellence in writing and content.
    As for the Quarky Mom, it is spelled Quirky unless of course you are describing an elementary particle in Quantum Physics.
    Maybe it is best not to not to be in these contest because the cost is more than the potential reward.

  9. Meh. Some people have no sense of humor.

    (And if you select that copy the text you want to go back to your regular font, you can click the little clipboard with the “T” on it in your edit mode. That should strip the formatting and give you your font back. 🙂 )

  10. Hysterical. We all know you are awesome. You know what is funny, if the bloggers who turned you in weren’t worried that you would win, they wouldn’t have taken the time to screen shot you. (Don’t get me started on people who screen shot stuff to tattle!).

  11. I’m not a blogger, but I certainly enjoy reading them! Yours is one of my favorites, and I just have to say that I have sporadically checked out some of the top voted blogs on the list to find new interesting ones to read, and honestly none of them compare! Keep doing what you’re doing! And refer people by guest posts! The ones that you guest post always get a new follower out of me!

  12. This is the exact reason when I first got into blogging & I got a huge rude awakening that I knew WELL, SHIT. I WON’T BE WINNING ANY AWARDS NOW, WILL I. Ugh.
    It’s like PTA on crack. No thank you.

  13. I’m officially putting you on my #BlissDomCA (wtf why am I hashtagging in a comment… they’ve officially brainwashed me!) must-meet list! 🙂 don’t run, you can’t hide anyway. *creepy music*

  14. Wowza. Ok, I’m new to this bonanza, and the COM contest is actually my first, but I just want to put it out there that I can’t believe anyone would be so narky on a co-blogger. Am I totally naïve, or what? I have also seen some posts/tweets recently about the negative aspects of these contests, but thought it was a load of hooey…until now. I’m way further down the COM list than you were, but I thought your posts were funny. It didn’t even enter my mind that you were serious or that I should “report” you for throwing sand in the sandbox. Can’t we all just play nice?

  15. Wow I was wondering where you went I had you bookmarked in my dailies for a vote. Clearly some people take this stuff way too seriously, so be it . Your #1 in my books. Congratulations on a fabulous blog and you make me smile and laugh every time. Thank You 🙂

  16. Where do I sign up for the free sex lube? Screw them Kyla, anyone who doesn’t get your sense of humour never will and that’s a shame because they are missing out on some pretty hilarious shit.

  17. Seriously???? Reallly?? Really??? I have discovered your blog a while ago and found it hilarious! I agree with Lynn here- these competitions are super annoying. Like how do you get people to vote once a day, every day without annoying them and making them hate you forever??? Keep up the good work, Kyla. You have my outmost respect! I’ll be very happy when this competition is over- but in the meantime, I’ll pop over to your blog when I need some laughs!

  18. lol this is hysterical! I LOVE that you called their contest stupid and they didn’t even flinch on that one! lol probably because they know it is stupid. The winner doesn’t even win a prize right? beg everyone you know for days to vote and you still go home with nothing? except the people that voted for you, they get regifted movies right? lol too funny!

  19. Oh Kyla! You are frigging awesome for writing this post. It is the funniest thing I have read in a very long time. Voting crap on line is ridiculous really. It is now measure of merit or ability. Popular is ridiculosuly overrrated. This is my vote for you right here. It’s called a comment and a genuine reader. End of story.

  20. Just wanted to let you know I found your blog just because i noticed someone getting kicked out of a contest just for making jokes. haha I’m sure I’m not the only one, it’s true what they say All publicity is good publicity even when bad things happen. Cheers!

  21. Reminds me of when I first started doing the blogging contests on Circle of Mom, why did I join you ask? Cause in the Faith Blogs people were getting upset cause the #1 Faith Blogger was a Pagan, the Christians were up in arms man, so I me and other Pagan bloggers had signed up and I got a lot of pageviews from it and it was fun! So I keep doing it. You were up in the ranks, that’s why other bloggers were upset. You didn’t break the rules and you shouldn’t be removed but oh well.

  22. Just seeing this today and I couldn’t agree more. It’s nothing more than a popularity contest and I HATE nagging for votes. I am in the “Made In Blog” thing running now but I’m done. I just want to be cool and for people to like me. And being in a popularity contest proves that…..RIGHT!? hehehe

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