How To Get Kicked Out Of A Blogging Contest….

Have you ever wondered how you, yes you could get kicked out of a blogging contest? Let me share with you how easy it can be done.



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Ladies and Gentlemen.

Boys and Girls.

Gather around while I tell you a little tale about the time I was kicked out of a blogging contest.

Before I begin this tale, let me go back a few years and tell you about my first few times in taking part in these types of  voting contests.

Wait, back up the train, lady.

What is a “voting” contest?

I am so glad you asked.

It’s a popularity contest. Sort of like the time  I ran for Vice President in High school.  I made a few posters and then got a few grade 7 minions to run up and down the halls and shout, “VOTE FOR KYLA!”

In the world of blogging, there is a ton of controversy about such contests.  Mostly because they have nothing to do with merit or skill.  It’s just your friends, fans and family having fun clicking a little button and seeing your name rise to to the top of the list.  It does not mean you are a good blogger.  It does not mean you are a good writer. It does not mean much.

I do get some perks. Ad agencies review these lists to see who is “influential” in the blogging and advertising world.  Cool opportunities have come my way because of the voting contest with Circle of Mom’s.  I make a bit of money in advertising. I also get some free stuff like movies, knives, sugar, sex lube and callus remover.

But, the real winner in these contests is the site that hosts the contest because the traffic onto their websites becomes huge.


Um… where was I?

Oh, I was telling you a tale.

I have had a blast with these contests, yes for the opportunities, but also the chance to meet and support other bloggers. Last year I placed #8 and I threatened to pee on one of the other bloggers.

I’m classy.

Well, this year my humour was not appreciated by Circle of Mom’s or the other Canadian Bloggers.

This is the letter I received yesterday;

Hi Kyla,

Thank you for participating in our Top 25 Canadian Moms contest and
putting so much energy into getting votes.

Over the past few days, we've received questions from several 
members who are concerned that you received votes for our Top 
25 Canadian Moms contest through multiple posts you ran on your 
blog offering prizes as an incentive to get votes. When so 
many members reach out to us with the same concern, we feel 
obligated to address the issues they've raised. We also
want to make sure we can continue to ensure the integrity of 
our voting system and program.

As shared in our Blogger Programs: Frequently Asked Questions, 
and thecheck box required to enter your blog in the contest, 
we want to ensure that voting is done fairly and that all 
participants have an equal chance of winning. For this reason 
we do not allow participants to use prizes asan incentive to 
get votes.

While we think your blog is a great resource and would like 
to avoid having to remove it from the program, we do feel it's 
necessary to ask you to remove all posts offering prizes for 
voting in our Top 25 Canadian Moms contest (screenshots attached).

Please contact us by 3pm PST today or we will be forced to 
remove yourblog from this contest.

We hope you understand our position, and look forward to 
hearing back fromyou.

The Circle of Moms team

And they included these screen shots of me behaving like a complete silly bum;

Complaint 1 Complaint 2


And because I was on my iphone reading this message outside of Baby Bot’s music class, I replied with this;

It was a joke. I am a humour blogger. I don't believe it says 
that for each vote I get there will be a prize. Lol. I currently 
do have 2 giveaways on my blog but those were booked before the 
contest. Go ahead and take me off. The publicity from this alone 
will be hilarious if not awesome. 
Too bad. 

So what did I learn from this?

Wordpress,  I am writing the most epic blog post of my life 
and you won't let me change the font.


So let's pretend this is the original font okay?  
Bear with me.

I do get their point. What I don't get is why would other 
Canadian Mom's complain about me?  

Did they really think I was giving out prizes for votes?

And if anyone is going to be mad, shouldn't it be 
Circle of Mom's because I called their contest stupid?

If anything they should have given me the boot for THAT!
So what did I learn from this?
That not everyone gets me.

That not everyone can take a joke.

And that blogging is a contact sport.

Oh and I also learned that I need to take a blogging 
class in WordPress so I can change this fucking font.