I Like Leggings….

When leggings were coming back in style I was sort of pissed.

I mean, I had been there and done that.

It made me feel old.

But, I got over that really quick and now I think leggings are a fat girls dream.

No more middle belly roll.

No more top belly roll.

No more bottom belly roll.

Just one big roll.

Me likey.

Me no likey this….



There’s a hole in my leggings, dear Liza, dear Liza. There’s a hole in my leggings, dear Liza, A HOLE!


Okay, I have no idea what that white mark is and I am not sure how long it has been there for. You see, I have really large breasts so seeing my knees is not something that happens very often.  But the hole.  The hole made me freak the eff out.

Want to know why?

I bought these leggings seven years ago at Zellers, Rest In Peace, and I feel attached to them.  They were my maternity leggings that I wore with Whirlwind when I was 160 lbs.  I now weigh 219 lbs.  Yes, I am aware, that these leggings owe me nothing.  Nada. I know that. But, I am mad at them for leaving me in such a lurch.

Sort of like the time I got food poisoning on New Years Eve and my boss had to do the New Years Day 5 am. shift at the radio station.

Sorry about that.

That really sucked.

I get it now.

All because of a pair of seven year old maternity leggings.



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8 thoughts on “I Like Leggings….

  1. Oh I really miss Zellers, I have so many pair of nice leggings from that department store. I have been wearing leggings since the early 80’s and it’s great that leggings are back in style and hotter than ever. Some of my favorite pairs of leggings are at least 20 years old and I still wear them. Some are getting a little thin or maybe it’s from going from 160 lbs to 200 lbs since I bought them that they’re a little stretched. I hope leggings stay in style for ever as I wear them every day and I love them.

  2. Oh my god, you’re funny. The part about your boobs made me laugh really hard. I’m sorry about your leggings. I have a Thing where I buy two identical clothing items when I really like things, for exactly this reason.

  3. I used to think that leggings were for ‘other’ girls, the ones who oooozed self confidence and had perfect fashion sense. And then I found a fleece lined pair at Dollorama and though, what the heck, I can try them out for a dollar. Holy Crap. My life will never be the same. But I still need to learn what’s acceptable and not to wear with them. Sigh.

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