I Like Leggings….

When leggings were coming back in style I was sort of pissed.

I mean, I had been there and done that.

It made me feel old.

But, I got over that really quick and now I think leggings are a fat girls dream.

No more middle belly roll.

No more top belly roll.

No more bottom belly roll.

Just one big roll.

Me likey.

Me no likey this….



There’s a hole in my leggings, dear Liza, dear Liza. There’s a hole in my leggings, dear Liza, A HOLE!


Okay, I have no idea what that white mark is and I am not sure how long it has been there for. You see, I have really large breasts so seeing my knees is not something that happens very often.  But the hole.  The hole made me freak the eff out.

Want to know why?

I bought these leggings seven years ago at Zellers, Rest In Peace, and I feel attached to them.  They were my maternity leggings that I wore with Whirlwind when I was 160 lbs.  I now weigh 219 lbs.  Yes, I am aware, that these leggings owe me nothing.  Nada. I know that. But, I am mad at them for leaving me in such a lurch.

Sort of like the time I got food poisoning on New Years Eve and my boss had to do the New Years Day 5 am. shift at the radio station.

Sorry about that.

That really sucked.

I get it now.

All because of a pair of seven year old maternity leggings.



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