I did what…..?

I dressed up for my massage appointment.

Let me explain. I called a new RMT to help me with my back problems. On the phone she recognized my name and voice and mentioned that she hadn’t heard me on the radio lately.

And because I think I am a rockstar, I couldn’t let her down.

I put on make up.

Took my hair out of a clip.

Put on a necklace.

Found some clean pants. Granted they were still maternity pants, but clean.

Changed my underwear. Thank God, I did that. Her face was practically in my crotch.

I do this all the time. I almost find myself apologizing for my appearance when people find out I am “Kyla from the radio”.  I usually say, “I’m usually taller and blonder.”  Obviously I just REEK of insecurity. Truly, I think I let people down once they see my chubby body.  And lack of hygiene.

But, there is a flip side to this. When I am feeling, young, hot, hip and thin, I have no problems letting people know I am “Kyla from the radio”.

Better start planning my outfit for my next appointment.