My Blogging Hopes And Dreams…

When I first started blogging, I stressed for weeks over an appropriate name. Then I settled with Mommy`s Weird. Even before the blog had a name I had big dreams. I was already planning an outfit to wear for my “Good Morning America” segment.

No really.

I did.

I had huge blogging hopes and dreams.

My first year in blogging was clearly just for me.  In that year I decided that my childhood dream of being a writer was actually going to happen.

Then I realized that I’m not a writer. I am a story teller. I’m the best type of person there is out there. I’m a Kyla.

Being a Kyla is a pretty amazing thing.  It’s something that I am happy about in many aspects in my life. But, in my blogging life, I love being a Kyla.

Does this blog get 150,000 visits a month? No.

Have I been published and sold in book stores?  No.

Do I make $3,000 a month?  No.

Have I been on television as a Special Correspondent?  No.

Do I get approached to host twitter parties by large brands? No.

Did I get asked to be a writer on The Mindy Project? No.

Did I want all that?

Hell, yes.

But, what have I done?

I created my own Social Media Management Company, Social Jelly (again, don’t look at that page, its terrible, I am too busy working in damn social media to do my own social media. Wow. I am such a sales person.)

I have been featured in a couple of online magazines.

I create my own twitter parties.

I make decent money blogging, tweeting and vlogging.

I get tons of cool shizzle.

I take my family on cool little get a ways.

I laugh my ass off constantly.

And I met more Kyla’s that have shaped my life in surprising ways.

Recently, I had a pretty odd experience.  And it made me realize that being a Kyla is the best thing that I have going for me.  If another person is threatened by a Kyla that is on them. Not me.  And maybe they should be.  Maybe others cannot handle all that a Kyla has to give in life.

In all the life.

Not just in this crazy little world of social media and blogging.

And I know you will not believe this, but I have remained blogger drama free in the 3 years of blogging. I think its because I am not competitive.  I can be competitive, but when you are like me and naturally good at everything, (yes, I just said that) you don’t need to be competitive with other people.

So, yes, I have been drama free in my blogging and social media life.


Considering I started a fight with the produce guy at the grocery store last week.


I have heard  stories of jealousy that has caused crazy actions from other bloggers and social media types.  Luckily, the only drama that has ever happened to me has come from one blogger who has told me what other bloggers have said about me.



Super weird.

And I didn’t believe her. I think she made it up. She has to have made that up.

I mean, who wouldn’t like a Kyla?!

Don’t answer that.

Especially the produce guy from last week. Please sir, do not answer that.

So what exactly are “My Blogging Hopes and Dreams”?

I’m not sure.

I’m just going to keep being a Kyla.

And that feels really right. I know that will change.

I am not that naive.

But, today, right now, it feels really good to be exactly where I am at this exact time in my life and with my blogging and social media career.

This song feels good too.

And this beer tastes good too.