Top Posts of 2018

Before you get busylooking into my most visited posts of 2018, please take a gander at the top posts of 2017. 2018 was an interesting year on the blog as the focus changed quite a bit to more honesty about my life struggles and less on parenting. My kids are getting older and they deserve a bit more privacy. Thank God I can still humiliate my husband.

Here we go….

This one didn’t make the Top 10, but it was the most important post of the year for me. Please read it.

My Happy List




The other thing I started to talk about this year was money.

It all started when we decided to try a 30 Day Eat At Home Challenge : TOTAL MONEY SAVED IN 4 WEEKS: $300.60

Okay. Okay.

Those are the posts that I loved, but not the most visited in 2018. Here are the most popular of 2018….

#10 I Love My Kids But I Don’t Love Being A Mom

I think the title shocked people. But, it is true. I find parenting really hard it is not natural for me.

#9 Girls Trip to Whitefish Montana

Not only was this trip and post from 2017, but it didn’t even make the Top 10 List in 2017, so I have no idea why it picked up so many views this year. I promise it wasn’t me reading it over and over and over dreaming of another weekend just like this. Honestly, it was probably one of the best weekends of my life.

#8 We Have Debt 6 Month Update

This is a part 2 to our debt update. You will find the original post a little closer to the top of this list. Chris and I talked quite a bit about sharing our debt with the world. So why did we? We knew we were not alone, we hoped we could help people and we needed the accountability. I have only ever regretted posting our debt story once. It was today, when my Mom made a comment about how I was having money problems. Listen, we are not having money problems. We just fucked up a little.


#7 First Time Parents Are Annoying

Not this post again. I wrote it in 2012 and I wish this post was better. It’s not. Search engines love it and therefore when people google this, it comes to Mommy’s Weird. Thanks Google!


#6 Naked Birthday Party

This is one of my most favourite posts of all time, but just like First Time Parents Are Annoying, it gets traffic from Google for allllllll the wrong reasons. Dirty perverts.


5. Christmas Sucks For Moms

I love this post. I also love Christmas Hacks for Mom’s (thanks Mommy Cusses)  which didn’t make the list this year.  By the way, Christmas kicked my ass this year. My husband was away and I missed his help desperately. He’s getting a blow job when he returns.

#4 Toot Vs. Fart

It’s a dumb post from 2013. Don’t even read it. It gets views because people must search the words toot vs. fart. Idiots.

#3. What Do You Do When You Are Immobilized

I was really surprised to see this post on the list. I guess we are all feeling a bit tough this year.

#2 New Debt

So here it is, the post that most of you were fascinated with. We sat down and shared our struggles with mental health and money this year on social media and on the blog and it was met with a ton of interest, sharing and honesty. I am still shocked at how many of you messaged either privately or publically to share what you were going through. Chris and I are smart people that fucked up. I plan on writing a 9 month update in the next few weeks. I’m excited to share with you our progress and also lack of progress these last 3 months.

#1 and #1.5

T Fal Actify

How to Make Sweet Potato Chips in the T Fal Actifry

Because of Pinterest and only because of Pinterest, these posts get Traffic to Mommy’s Weird.  And I am thankful as hell for that traffic, because with out it the views on this blog would be itty bitty.


So who the hell is reading Mommy’s Weird?

Here are the Top 5 Canadian Cities

5. Winnipeg

4. Vancouver

3. Cranbrook, BC

2. Toronto

  1. Calgary

Top 5 US Cities

5. Houston

4. Los Angeles

3.  Dallas

2. Chicago

  1. New York


I really appreciate each and every one of you for being here. Your support means a lot. Just taking the moment to comment or like or share a blog post or a meme on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is supporting me in this journey. Thanks for doing that.  It’s been an interesting year for me on Mommy’s Weird and I don’t plan on changing.