30 Day Eat At Home Challenge…

I read on Facebook about a friend of mine that was challenging her family to not eat out or order food for 30 days, basically a eat at home challenge. In fact a 30 Day Eat At Home Challenge!

I scoffed as I read the computer.  That sounds stupid. Why would anyone want to do that? I mean we don’t eat out that much….

Geez .  How much do we really eat out in a month?

We definitely go to Subway or McDonald’s at least once a week because of dance class or hockey practice.

My husband goes to Max’s Place at least once a week for either coffee, a treat or lunch.

I do the Tim Horton’s and Starbuck’s Drive Thru at least 3x a week.

On average I probably have one dinner, lunch or coffee with my girlfriends or clients.

We do a family breakfast or supper out at a sit-down restaurant at least twice a month.

SCREW YOU SARA (my Facebook friend) AND YOUR SUPERIOR WAYS! My family can totally do this too.

So we are.

We talked about it on December 31st and we started.  Since then, we have received the very best coupons ever.

30 Day Eat At Home Challenge

Whyyyyyyy???  10 nuggets with a drink for only $3.99?!

I’m so hungry for no reason.

My son hates every second of this challenge. He won’t shut up about going to McDonald’s for a cheeseburger.

My daughter is furious that we couldn’t order pizza when her friend slept over. “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO EAT?!”


So, as hard as this is to track, I really believe we have saved quite a bit of money already this month. Obviously, these are all guesstimates, but the descriptions are from actual times I had to change my money spending ways.

30 Day Eat At Home Challenge

January 1:

January 2: Winter break is long, didn’t take kids to McDonald’s for “something to do”.  Yes, I do that. MONEY SAVED $20.00

January 3:

January 4: Didn’t order pizza for daughter’s sleep over and made milkshakes at home. MONEY SAVED $35

January 5

January 6: Kids wanted popcorn, chips, hot chocolate at my son’s hockey game. I did too. That rink was damn cold.  I desperately wanted to run over to the coffee shop across the street and grab a coffee. I packed juice boxes and popcorn twists for the kids. My son was cool with it. My daughter was not impressed. I also felt like a huge asshole for not letting them get a treat. MONEY SAVED $6

January 7:

The thing that is hard about this, is that I never actually saved the money. I don’t actually have it in my hand, you know? How can I teach the kids about saving money if we don’t really have anything tangible? I thought maybe at the end of each day we could put that money in a jar? But, who actually has cash these days? I thought about adding it all up at the end but does that even make sense?

I am totally open to suggestions.

Maybe this was stupid.

I already know that we have some tough days ahead and I am totally going to give in. I mean, how can I take them to WHL hockey game and not let them have popcorn? I just can’t. I’m not the devil. I just need to come up with a lie to tell the kids about why it is okay to buy popcorn at the Kootenay Ice game and not at the Marysville arena for Mites Hockey Game.

Stay tuned….

Week 2 Results 

Week 3 Results to 30 Day Eat At Home Challenge

Week 4 Final Results to 30 Day Eat At Home Challenge

30 Day Eat At Home Challenge