30 Day Eat At Home Challenge Week 2

If you missed why we are attempting the 30 Day Eat At Home Challenge, you can read about our first week here. Week One: MONEY SAVED $61.00

I have never really paid attention to how much we eat out. This has been a fascinating wake-up call on how much I THINK about going out to eat.

Does that make sense? Let me explain…

We may not eat out that much (once to twice a week), but I think about eating out all the damn time.  It is always an option for us. If I feel stress about not being home in time to make supper, I consider eating out. When I am driving my kids home from the grocery store and I notice we have missed lunch, I consider drive-thru.  When we put the kids to bed early and I am hungry, I consider take out. When I have an extra 30 minutes before picking up the kids from school, I consider a drive-thru coffee.

In order to stop that routine, I ended up buying 8 of Grab’n Snack for .97 cents at Walmart.  Please note that this is not a home made food challenge. This is a 30 Day Eat At Home Challenge. Is this cheating? Maybe. But, I didn’t drive thru Tim Hortons and buy them each a toasted bagel and coffee for myself. I consider that a win. Maybe it’s not. Whatever.


January 8: My husband worked late and I had to pick my daughter up for dance at 6:15 at night. This is the night that I usually take the kids to McDonald’s or Subway. ALWAYS.  I truly did not like coming home and feeding my kids cereal instead of Fast Food. MONEY SAVED $20.00



January 9: I had a meeting at my kids school at 3:10. Didn’t grab a coffee first for the meeting. MONEY SAVED $1.65

January 10:

January 11:

January 12: My husband had the day off work. I really wanted to order sushi for us for lunch. Didn’t. MONEY SAVED $40

January 13: I was at a Yoga Retreat all day ($70), lunch was part of my registration fee. My husband had the kids all day. Usually, if I am away he takes them out for fast food. He didn’t. MONEY SAVED $20.00

January 14: This day was crazy. We went to watch an early afternoon hockey game and we would usually buy the kid’s pizza and a pop at the rink. And like I said last week, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get around buying them a popcorn at the game, I’m not a monster. We bought 2 large popcorns for $5 and a bottle of water for $2.

Week 2: MONEY SAVED $81.65

Like, I stated above, the biggest thing I learned this week is that I think about eating out quite a bit. We may not always do it, but it is always an option that I consider.

I have also been asked if our grocery bill has increased. I don’t feel like it has, but I did buy Grab’n Snacks and 6 pack of Yogurt drinks that I usually would not purchase. We do not have a monthly grocery budget, therefore I have not been able to track that for you. I apologize.

My Mom made a really good point on my Facebook Page recently. She suggested that I pretend I live in the small town I grew up in, that only had one restaurant and didn’t have anything open after 6 pm at night. Which was a good point until I started thinking about it. WHY WAS I SO FAT AS A TEENAGER. I GREW UP WITHOUT FAST FOOD?!?! I am living proof that kids can get super fat without fast food in their diet. But, I did love the french fries and honey dill dip at the one restaurant we did have.


Thanks for following and stay tuned….

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4 thoughts on “30 Day Eat At Home Challenge Week 2

  1. Now I’m really , REALLY glad I don’t live in the city . I can’t imagine eating out that much or eating at fast food places that often. Last time I was at a Tim hortons was to buy donuts for the gang at work. Matter of fact, I haven’t actually been to the city for grocery shopping for a few months now.

      1. and chinese, and OMG PIZZA and DQ …I could go one but I’m making myself hungry LOL … I headed to the city on friday and spent about $150 on a few things but things are very tough right now for us (hubby still jobless since oct15) so my next trip is gonna be scary as we are so low on absolutely everything (the basics lol) On the PLUS side, my sons moving home tonight from AB (he’s got 6 more hrs til he’s here) and then we’ll all try to stack our money up and pay the bills and buy the food and hope like hell someones hiring (my workplace says things will pickup the end of feb, but in the meantime I’m only getting 5hr shifts)

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