30 Day Eat At Home Challenge Week 3

If you missed reading about our 30 Day Eat At Home Challenge, you can find out more by reading about our first week and second weekMONEY SAVED IN 2 WEEKS: $142.65

But, it’s not about the money saved. What I’m learning is that it is about so much more.

Week 1: I learned that my kids really don’t like change. But mostly, our son loves a McDonald’s cheeseburger. Week 1 brought lots of tears for his favourite food ev-er. Most definitely the lesson I learned that week was that we eat out more than I thought. MONEY SAVED: $61.00

Week 2: I learned that eating out is always an option for me. We may not go out to eat 5x a week, but I consider it an option when I meal plan. I think about it a lot. MONEY SAVED: $81.65

So what have I learned in Week 3….?

I have learned 2 things this week.

Meal Prep: I thought I was good at this. I found out that I am just okay at this. I really got my poop in a group this week.  I pre cooked chicken, roasted root vegetables and made meatloaf. It felt so good to make a ton of things in advance and be prepared for whatever life tossed our way.  I did not go as far as writing down the days of the week and what was for supper each night, but I felt super prepared and did lots of reusing of leftovers. 


Less Waste: I hardly threw out any spoiled produce this week. I usually toss out 1/2 bag of pre made salad, 2 pieces of fruit and some broccoli and/or cauliflower and white carrots.  This surprised me. I never expected this.



January 15:

January 16:

January 17: I went to a yoga class in the morning and had 20 minutes to kill before my hair appointment. I didn’t go get a Tim Hortons coffee. MONEY SAVED $1.65

January 18: This was hard. I turned down lunch with my girlfriends.  I didn’t like this. We did then discuss possibly having soup together at one of our homes. It didn’t happen for me. I miss lunch dates with my friends.  Later on in the day, I had 40 minutes to kill after picking up the kids and before taking the kid to swim lessons. “Three Weeks Ago Kyla” would have bought a coffee and cookies for the kids from Starbucks.  MONEY SAVED $28.00

January 19: This is the night I spent trying to find ways to “trick” the 30 Day Eat At Home Challenge. We went night skiing with some friends. If they suggested going out for drinks after, I was going to ask them to pay for it. We didn’t go for drinks. We had an awesome night and I didn’t break any stupid rules. p.s Does anyone know the rules to this idea that my friend invented…?  MONEY SAVED: $25.00

January 20:

January 21:

Week 3: MONEY SAVED $54.65


Also, we are not tracking our grocery spending and never really have, so I can’t really compare the before and afters. I did note that in the second week, I bought a bit more convenience food than usual. That did not happen this week.

Only 10 days left. Stay tuned!

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