Girls Weekend in Whitefish Montana…

Why is Whitefish, Montana a great location for the Ultimate Girls Weekend?

I’m going to start with this photo….

Epic right?

That photo was from Saturday Night at the Craggy Range. The guy in the photo is from the 80’s band that was playing and we pretty much owned that dance floor.  I might tell you more about that later, at this point I haven’t decided if I should or not.

Let’s rewind it back a bit…

Let me get my professional voice back on…

Cough, ahem. Testing 1,2. Is this thing on?

There are lots of great places to stay in Whitefish, Montana, but I selected Grouse Mountain Lodge for this trip.  I had stayed there before on a trip with the kids and knew it had an amazing shuttle bus service (that we used a ton), great happy hour, fantastic breakfast, and a new hot tub, so it was an easy choice.



The atmosphere of Whitefish, Montana is like no other community of its size.  The main street is ALIVE with amazing shops and fantastic places to eat and drink. If you are going to do the downtown right, I suggest at least 2 hours for shopping.

I also suggest checking out Stumptown Arts Studio.  We had tentatively planned to spend some time in their creating, but it ended up being a bit tricky to coordinate with all of us arriving at different times. But, I have been there before with the kids and I highly suggest it as something to take in on a Girls Weekend if you can wrangle your friends.

When it comes to eating and drinking in downtown Whitefish, I don’t think you can go too wrong. I’ve had nothing but good experiences. But, my most favourite places this weekend were Tupelo’s (get the shared plates) and Loula’s (open for lunch and breakfast. Expect a wait, but worth it.) If you need a coffee fix the Red Caboose should not be missed.


So what is the nightlife like in Whitefish?

Basically just stick to the main street downtown and you will be just fine. We checked out Craggy Range, Casey’s and The Northern.  Bulldog Saloon was also suggested because it takes Canadian money on par (yeah, you read that correctly.) The coolest thing about Whitefish is the live music. It’s everywhere you turn you! Pop in and out of every place and hear something really great from folk, jazz to 80’s rock.

It’s also pretty spectacular in the sense that anything goes.

Want to wear jeans and a plaid shirt? You won’t be alone.

Want to wear red high heels and a kimono? Do it.

Want to wear capris and a dressy top with sensible shoes? I suggest it. It will help your rad air guitar skills.

Have you been to Whitefish, Montana? What were your favourite places to check out?


Thank you to the Grouse Mountain Lodge for hosting us for the weekend. I also want to thank my lovely friends for making the trip. I met the majority of these women through being a Mom and having kids the same age. You ladies mean so much to me. Thanks for being my friend. And thanks to my kids for making me a Mom which enabled me to meet such fantastic humans. My heart is full. 

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