The Newbies Guide To Going To A Spa…

I never ever thought that going to a spa was for me. I’m not sure who I thought it was for. Just not me. I was worried that spending an entire day relaxing at Resort would be super duper boring.

I was super duper wrong.

But, I did need a little bit of help. I bring you….


1. Read the signs and do what the say.

If they say bring the towel from your room, bring the towel from your room. If they say go from hot sauna, to cold sauna, to hot sauna to cold sauna, do that. If they say no talking in the serenity room, don’t talk in the serenity room. If they say European hour is from 9 to 10 and it might not be for everyone, its not for everyone.

2.  Eat the complimentary breakfast.

You need energy to spa, yo. Plus, the breaky line up was out of the damn world. Hello pork belly.

photo (32)


3. Identify your robe.

What am I talking about? Let me tell you a story. My friend Jo-Anna put her glasses in her robe pocket before she settled into a steam room.  When she returned her robe was gone. And you got it,  so were here glasses. Thankfully the staff at Sparkling Hill Resort is amazeballs and got her spectacles back.  My advice is bring some ribbon or a sticker or a napkin and put it in your pocket to make your robe a bit distinctive. Think black suitcase at the airport arrivals, uber confusing. 

photo (35)

4. Take a break and go on a wine tour or out for dinner.

If you are starting to get spa’d out, which isn’t really possible, get in the car and tour the local wineries.  You won’t regret it, the designated driver might, but you won’t.  I toured Gray Monk, ExNihilo and Intrigue.  I also had the most amazing meal at Predator Ridge Golf Course Club House.  The staff was super awesome and invited us back for a golf weekend to “Swing Like A Girl.” 

photo (37)

5. Bring more than one swim suit.

I am still a bit ticked about this one. I went on this media trip with 12 other bloggers/writers and not one of them told me to bring an extra swimsuit. They told me how to get there, what to wear, what to tell my husband to convince him this was an important trip. But, not one of those damn people said bring an extra swim suit.  Jerks.  I was in the sauna, steam room and 3 pools on Thursday Night, Friday Night, Saturday Morning and Saturday Night.  Another swim suit would have helped.

6.  Drink water.

There is water available everywhere. Cucumber infused, lemon infused and lots of green tea. It’s there for you to drink. Gulp it up. You will need it. My roomate weighed herself after the first night in the sauna and steam rooms and she dropped 4 lbs.  This is not an endorsement, just a fact. 

7.  Book a class.

I took a morning yoga class on my first morning. What a great way to start the day. Pure heaven. All I had to do was call the spa an hour before the class and book a spot.  Easy Peasy! And no kids trying to crawl under my “downward dog”. That alone was worth the trip.

Sparkling HIll Schedule

8. Try a new to you spa treatment.

When I treat myself to a treatment its usually only a manicure or a pedicure.  And I go to an RMT for a massage because I like a good tax write off.  When I was looking through the list of spa treatments I was a bit overwhelmed, but tried some new things. I have no regrets. I was totally relaxed.  During my classic facial, I was worried the girl would be popping my black heads for the rest of her life and the lady in my reflexology appointment helped me have a “boom boom”. Both of those experiences – new. 

 Couples Room

9.  Enjoy the entire resort.

Your room rocks. The restaurant rocks. The library rocks. The cafe rocks. The view rocks. The energy of the entire place, yup you guessed it, rocks. Also a cautionary note for the bathtub, its incredibly private, but if you do decide to stand up naked and practically lean against the window with your breasts, depending on the room, people may see you in the raw. 

photo (33)photo (27)









photo (25)

photo (24)


10.  Go with people you like.

Or not.  Just go. Okay. Just go. You won’t regret it.


11. Sign Up

The best way to find out about latest deals and last minute specials is to sign up for their e news letter.  Who doesn’t want to save a buck?

Disclaimer:  Yes, I see that my photos are less than spectacular, but that is why you love me. I’m real and I use my camera phone just like you.  Go to the website to see the professional photos. And yes, it really looks like those professional shots.  Also, I was provided accommodation to Sparkling Hill Resort in exchange for this post.