The Most Popular Posts of 2017…

Before I share with you the most popular posts of 2017, feel free to cruise through the most popular posts of 2016, you will see some of those posts reappear in this list because google search engines and Pinterest will forever send people to Mommy’s Weird. But, you will also find posts that have just died… never to be heard of again, posts that once received thousands of views in mere minutes, that are now buried under a pile of code,  like the once very popular time I was kicked out of a Blogging Contest, the discussion about the creepy science of theAlways Infinity Maxi Pad  Hey Kids Your Parents Suck and the once upon a time incredible experience of having Tyra Banks and Jillian Michaels discuss and fondle my breasts. 

Before you go on, my wish to is that you take your time while reading this post, click on links, laugh, cry and ignore as much as you like.

10. My Kids Weren’t Ready For Pride

I love this post. Just full on adore it. It brings out the best and worst of my children. I love that you loved it too.  And for the record, it took everything in my being to not make a Fish Taco Joke.

9. Christmas Sucks For Moms

I love that this post hasn’t died yet. It always gets a bit of a pick up around the holidays. I think the reason it did so well this year is that I wrote Christmas Hacks for Moms that had a link to it to Christmas Sucks For Moms.  Personally, I still think my I Hate Summer Break Post should have broken the Top 10. Also, Christmas does suck for Moms. I just lived it.


8. We Don’t Wear Wedding Rings

Twitter loved this post. I loved this post. I love writing about my marriage. I love that you love reading about my marriage. Shall we say it all together? 1-2-3… Love.

7.  First Time Parents Are Annoying

I still don’t get it. I have no idea why this post is still even popular. I guess there will always be someone who wonders what the fuck happened to their best friends after they had a damn baby. But, really, first time parents are the worst. I was also annoying as all hell when I had my first kid. By my second kid I was as cool as Jughead Jones in Riverdale. 

6. They Didn’t Want Me

This post felt a little clicky baity to me. But, it was true. ALL OF IT. I was totally hired by a large online magazine, they hired me by mistake, I felt like a douche for still taking the job, then turned them down. Ridiculous. Sidenote: This post did really well for me on YouTube this year, too. But, I am not sure if you liked the story or my hair. You decide.


5. Toot VS Fart

What the hell? I wrote this YEARS ago. No one comes to this post because they are a Mommy’s Weird fan. They come because they have googled this title for some stupid reason. As I have said before, thank you Google. But seriously, I really hope this is not on the list next year.

4. Jillian Michaels Hot Body Healthy Mommy

I chalk the popularity of this post to women who just gave birth who need to lose weight. Ugh. I feel dirty even typing that. YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT! YOU JUST HAD A BABY. GO EAT SOME ICE CREAM AND WORK OUT NEXT YEAR. OR THE YEAR AFTER. Or never. But, I am glad that you are reviewing the DVD first before you buy it, I only wish now that I had an affiliate link in this post to make some dolla’ dolla’ bills. And in case you didn’t know, I was on T.V with Tyra Banks and Jillian Michaels and have been milking it for years.

3. Naked Birthday Party

Ugh. Here I go talking about this post again. Listen, this is a hilarious post. It is really good and has been getting views since 2011.

As much as I love this post, I hate the the title is the only reason it gets any views. It is a really funny post. That should be viewed because it is really fucking funny not because of perverts.

2. Christmas Hacks For Moms

I love this post. I love everything about it. I am very thankful for my friend Tamara who is a damn genius who edited it and made it shine. You should follow her on twitter. She should be famous.

I need to thank Serena at Mommy Cusses for sharing this on her amazing Facebook Page. It was getting a bit of momentum and then it just sort of died. She gave it the steam it needed.

There were many friends that shared this post, it means so much to me. There were also people who didn’t share it, which I understand and also makes me sad. We all need to help each other, let’s rub each other’s back fat.

1. T Fal Actifry and How to Make Sweet Potato Chips in a T Fal Actifry

I have friends who get thousands upon thousands of views a day from Pinterest. I have never been a Pinterest type of blogger. I like to post Weird Recipes for fun, so I absolutely love that sometimes one of my recipes will actually be re pinned a kabillion times on Pinterest and then come over to my blog. You should buy one! 

So there you have it.

Those were the most popular posts of 2017.

And also because it is fun, I like to see where ya’ll come from.

The majority of you come from Canada and you visit from these cities…

5. Winnipeg, MB

4. Vancouver, BC

3. Toronto, ON

2. Calgary, AB

1. Cranbrook, BC

And in the USA

5. San Jose

4. Dallas

3. Los Angeles

2. Chicago

1. New York

I don’t thank you enough for your support. It’s hard to explain what your 6 years of support means to me and my little space on the internet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your comments, your shares, your likes is just like purchasing something from a small business. For that, I am very thankful. Happy New Year!  Now I have to go work out because I signed up for a boot camp and need to pre work out so I don’t die when I start next week.


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