Jillian Michaels Hot Body Healthy Mommy…

I am starting to wonder if this is a blog about Jillian Michaels or about my life.

As you know, there is a bit of a Jillian Michaels theme happening at Mommy’s Weird. First she broke my bra….



and she tweeted me about it……

Jillian Tweet 2


Jillian Tweet


and then I went to LA to meet her and Tyra Banks on FABLife…

Fab Life 6

So it only makes sense that I was invited to be on Jillian’s new reality show, Just Jillian.


That is not what this is about is it?

This is about me getting to review Jillian Michaels latest DVD called; Hot Body Healthy Mommy!

Jillian Michaels Hot Body, Healthy Mommy DVD 1


I was super stoked when the opportunity came for me to give this DVD a review. Now, I know I did NOT just have a baby. And truly the marketing for this DVD is aimed towards women who have just had babies. But, even though my baby is 5 years old, I have no core strength at all and this DVD was awesome for that. It also had some modifications for women who may have had c-sections or diastasis recti. There are also 3 different work outs on the DVD that focus on different parts of your body like upper body, lower body and core.

She’s still a hard ass.

But, maybe a tad nicer in this video.


But, the work out was still bad ass as all hell.

Because we love all things Jillian at Mommy’s Weird, we were given this DVD to review, I am going to give away a few of the copies on Mommy’s Weird  Facebook Page.  PLEASE NOTE: I am an Amazon Associate. There are affiliate links in this post.