My Favourite Posts….

With Christmas coming, Mommy’s Weird is going to be bogged down   filled with fun reviews for Christmas.

Before I start reviewing, board games, kids toys, stocking stuffers and movies, here are  some of my favourite posts from 2012

Yes, I said 2012

I have been blogging at Mommy’s Weird for years. As far as I am concerned this was the best year of my blog. I wasn’t schmoozing sponsors, I wasn’t making money and no one was really reading my blog. I was writing for me and it was great.

So this is really me telling you, that my blog has changed and if you are new to Mommy’s Weird, you missed all the good stuff so here it is…..

Hairy Hot Mess

The Wedding Mistakes


My Stupid Friends

Naked Family Rules

I’m a Pervert

Keeping it in the Family

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Boys and Guns

Parenting Rules