Nudity Rules…

When is it no longer “okay” for your kids to see you naked?

Somewhere there is that magic moment when things just “change”.
I remember being about 10 years old when I started to want privacy from my parents. You know, changing in the hotel bathroom on family vacations and in the stalls at the beach or trying to put a lock on my bedroom door.
Oddly enough, my parents have not yet reached the place where they feel they need to clothe themselves around me. They are yet to hold back on the nudity.
If you are a guest at my parents home, there is a very strong chance that you are going to walk in on my father doing a naked headstand.  Seeing my 74 year old father naked is probably not something you want to see any ways. But imagine upside down?
Don’t get me wrong, they are not nudists by any means.  
They are just awesome.
Damn awesome.
Best people on this damn awesome planet.
Any who….
I bring this up for a reason. Whirlwind has been coming into our room in the middle of the night and finding me half dressed. She has started asking me, “Where are your pajama’s Mommy?”  And I tell her its because “I am hot”. Which is the truth. Usually she doesn’t care about me being naked.  It’s never been much of an issue.
But, not for Zed, she is a little bit more curious.
So, last night we had a neighbour stop by to help me with some blogger type things and I casually took it as an opportunity to ask him about their “nudity rules” with their girls. 
“Oh God.”  He sighed. ” Now when my daughter showers with me I wear swim trunks.”
Which made me howl.  
It seemed a little bit excessive.
But, also bloody fantastic.
I like to picture their entire family showering together wearing scuba gear.
So, back to my question. When is it no longer “okay” for your kids to see you naked?