Keeping It In The Family…

Whirlwind has been really interested in marriage lately.

Stupid Disney Princesses.

On our way to dance class the other day, she announced for probably the 9th time in three days, that she wanted to marry her brother, Baby Bot.

I told her, “You can’t marry your brother.”

Don’t even ask me why I did this. I should have just smiled like I had the other 8 times she mentioned it. But, for some reason I didn’t. For some reason I didn’t just shut the hell up and listen to her talk.

“But, I want to.” she demanded.  ” I AM GOING TO MARRY MY BROTHER!”

And because I am an absolute idiot, I say, “The police will put you in jail if you marry your brother.”

She burst into tears.

A full on burst.

She fell apart, right there in her little car seat.  It was heart breaking.

Finally when she could breathe she connected eyes with me in the rear view mirror.

“But, I love him, Mommy.” she sobbed.

Absolutely sobbed.

“I know honey, I know you do.” I said feeling like a giant asswipe.

I have got to fix this.


So I say the only thing that I can think that will fix this….

“You can marry Daddy.”

16 thoughts on “Keeping It In The Family…

  1. Once again, how could I NOT vote for your kind of genius?

    You could sell her on the old “marriage as modern slavery” concept…it might diffuse those damn Disney princesses.

  2. I keep telling my daughter’s to ‘never get married’. Yeah, I’m married, almost twenty years, to their Dad too. I like to confuse them… 🙂 Oh, and I VOTED too. Cause heck, one of us should make the top 10 or 100. 🙂

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