What Is Okay To One Parent Is Not Always Okay To Another….

I am always shocked by what parents deem to be okay.

I have a friend with an eight year old son. She always supervises him while he is in their unfenced front yard.    In fact, she won’t even leave him in their front yard alone, not even for a second. Not even to run to the wash room which is about ten feet from the front door. Her son would be alone for a total of two minutes.

To me, not a big deal, its only two minutes.

To her, that is a two minute lead for his abductor.

She thinks I am totally nuts that I would leave my child unsupervised and I think she is being a little bit excessive.

I also know people who drug their kids when travelling. To me, that is not okay.  I think that is awful.  But, did I buy some Childrens Gravol in liquid and tab form for our last holiday?

You bet I did.

Did I use it?  No.

But would I? I guess that depends on the situation.

If Whirlwind and Baby Bot went completely bizerk on the plane. And people were yelling, ” Get those mo-fo babies off this plane”! I would have drugged them faster than the vodka I had just downed.

For me, its also not okay to smoke while watching your kids play at the park.  I think its gross for my children to have to breathe that in. I think its gross that I have to breathe that in.  I think as parents, we have to be role models for children. All children.

I don’t smoke.  So, I am not sure what I would do in that situation. I don’t have an addiction.

Except an unhealthy one with food.

That giant bag of smoky bacon chips really did me in last night.

And to some parents, that is not okay. In fact I met a guy the other day who pretty much yelled at me for being overweight and putting strain on our health system and government.  Really? I weigh 200 pounds. Big Friggn’ Deal.  I then told him to go back to “Alberta”.


But to him being overweight is “not okay”.

To me, he is a loser.

I also know someone who breast feeds her three year old.  I’m not in the situation.  I don’t have a three year old that wants to breast feed, so I am not sure what I would do or if that would be okay with me. I can tell you one thing, if I was breastfeeding my three year old it would be done in my home. Sadly, in shame.

But, she is the parent and she does as she sees fit with her family.

Of course there are situations where the parent is not even close to being right. Obviously. Just read half of these cases on CNN.  They are disgusting. Who let’s these people be parents? Let’s spend more time judging them and not each other.

So please don’t judge me when I tell you this….

I have unbuckled my baby in a moving vehicle to breastfeed while travelling 110 km’s an hour.  But, I told my husband not to get in an accident. So, I think we were okay.

Anyone else want to admit anything?