Boys and Guns….

I don’t get it.

We don’t have guns in the house.

We don’t hunt.

We aren’t police officers.

We don’t have toy guns or water guns.

We don’t watch television shows with guns.

How do little boys learn this?

Are they born with some sort of “gun” portion in their little brains?

If anything, I would have expected Whirlwind to be the one that was interested in guns. She is rambunctious, sassy, and sometimes a little bit mean.

Baby Bot is gentle, loving and quiet.

I wish he would quit shooting me with his tea pot.

13 thoughts on “Boys and Guns….

  1. Yes, boys are wired to turn everything into a gun….no matter how much of a non-gun household they live in. It’s wild…

    BTW – every time you mention how gentle, loving and quiet Baby Bot is, it makes me feel worse about how much he hates me!

  2. Yes, guns are part of the hard-wiring of boys. So is playing any kind of good-guys vs. bad-guys games, complete with guns, jails and death. I have 3 boys. Somone in our house is always shot, in jail, and dying.

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