You Sound Stupid And I Love It….

Remember when Whirlwind failed Sea Otter?

I admit it. I had a really hard time dealing with fact that she failed. And I sounded like an idiot.  You know how I know that?

Well, a few weeks back Whirlwind failed Sea Otter again.  And I didn’t really give a flying fuck. I didn’t even complain.

I just took it in stride.

I mean, really what is the big deal?

 She failed. She’ll take it again.  She doesn’t even know that there is a pass/fail system in life.  So, obviously, I learned my lesson and did not stand in line to complain to the poor woman at the front desk.

But do you know who complained?  “Other Whirlwinds” Mom.

Side Note:  Whirlwind has a best little buddy who is not only in the same swimming class, but they are both named Whirlwind and they were born a day apart.  Freaky.

Any ways….

“Other Whirlwinds” Mom was totally surprised that her daughter did not pass Sea Otter.  And it was hilarious.  It was so awesome listening to her.  I was loving every minute of it.  She sounded soooooo stupid.

And I told her that too.

So, “Other Whirlwind’s Mom”,  we’ll see you next time at…..

Oh and if you couldn’t tell, that little smiley little ratty thing above is a Sea Otter.


Can’t they bring back Yellow, Orange and Red?

4 thoughts on “You Sound Stupid And I Love It….

  1. too funny! Do you suppose we as mother’s will ever learn? I know I have totally reacted to something and my man has been like “what is the big deal. You are totally over reacting.” Well at the time that just makes you more mad but a weeks or months later you can see that maybe, just maybe you over reacted! LOL

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