My Ratty Old Underwear…

I’ve been embarrassed plenty of times by Whirlwind.

Like the time she wanted to talk about my Big Vagina.

Or the time she kicked me.

How about the time she pulled up my dress at the dessert bar?

Though my favourite has to be the time she wanted to talk about My Vagina at Denny’s.

Obviously,  I am very used to being embarrassed by my 4 and a half year old.  It usually doesn’t bother me. I know it goes with being a Mom.

I get it.

But, this time was different.

This time she not only embarrassed me, she really hurt my ego, my feelings and pissed me off.

Wait, is that even a proper sentence?


After I tell you what happened you won’t even care about my grammer/grammar.

Here goes….

She pulled down my pants in Superstore.

Yup. You heard that right.

In case you missed how serious this is….


On a Sunday.

Do you know how busy Superstore is on a Sunday?

Usually I can laugh this sort of stuff off.  In fact, if anyone else were to tell me this story, I would think it was hilarious   But, not this time.  Showing the entire town my ratty old underwear was not how I wanted to start my Sunday.

After I pulled up my pants, I actually started to cry.

In Superstore.

In front of people.

In the frozen food section.

For some reason, this event just broke me.

Then I told a friend.

And she said, ” At least you were wearing underwear….”

She’s got a point.

Sort of.

Who doesn’t wear underwear?