Big Body Parts

Before we start talking about my big body parts, let’s talk about me using my body to hit Jillian Michaels with Tyra Banks watching. 

Meme 1

Whirlwind is getting soooo big. She is the smartest. Full of wonderful ideas, stories and questions.

Why do bees live in hives?

Why do we live in houses?

Today we were snuggled up in bed watching Zed pack his suitcase for a work conference. We were joking about packing BabyBot in it too. Whirlwind thought that would be a great idea for her. I had to convince her NOT to get into the suitcase. Mostly because of Zed’s nicely packed clothing but mainly because I was having visions of not being able to find her one day.

I told her she was too big and that she was growing and soon she would be big like Mommy.

Here is the conversation….

Ww:  “And I’ll have big arms like Mommy….”

Me:  “Yup….”

Ww:  “And big legs….”

Me:  “Yup.”

Ww:  “And a big belly….”

Me:  “Sure.”

Ww:  “And a big vagina…”

Me:  “Yes, honey and a big vagina like Mommy.”

I looked at Zed. His eyes were as big as saucers.

But not as big as my vagina.