Happy Anniversary…

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Ha-ppy 20th Anniversary in Canada Walmart!




I sort of talk about Walmart a ton on Mommy’s Weird. I didn’t really know how much of a fan I was until I searched my blog and got thinking about why I shop there. I chat about shampoo and earth friendly products and back to school  and stalking mothers and Easter and being frugal.

Its mainly for 2 reasons….

#1. Price:  No matter what I am buying – Walmart is pretty much the first place that I check the price at.

#2. One Stop:  I am so stupidly busy.  And I hate it.  But, I love that I can buy duct tape, tampons, soy milk, crayons, callus remover, turkey, ketchup, 5 lb weights, mini cucumbers, condoms, googly eyes,  hummus dip, chick lit and vitamins all in one store.

I dig the joint, so in honour of their Anniversary the gang at Walmart is giving one lucky Canadian a $100 gift card to help you to continue saving money for the next 20 years!  I know, that’s pretty nice of them, eh.  Contest closes July 6th.  Good Luck, hosers.

How has Walmart helped you save money and Live Better?


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