Walmart Frugal Heroes

I love a good deal.

Who doesn’t?

I’m pretty sure even George Clooney is stoked when he gets something half price. Gosh knows that Lindsay Lohan is.

Any who…

Nothing makes me “high as a kite” than a $4 off diaper coupon.  But, I usually forget to use them before the expiry date. Which is a huge buzz kill.

I don’t even want to show you the date on the tub of sour cream in our fridge.


That is why when I was chosen to be part of Walmart Frugal Heroes Challenge. I knew it was something I could handle and complete before the day was done.

Walmart gave me a list of challenges that I could complete or create my own.  I really wanted to do a room make over for my Baby Bot’s room, but the stress of actually having to take down his crib, put him in a big boy bed and paint was giving me an anxiety attack and also making me want to have another baby, so I dumped that idea right there in Walmart.
I decided that I would use my $100 to get myself ready to hit the beach this summer.  But once I got shopping I realized that I could get myself ready to hit the beach for under $50. I still had an extra $50!   So, I changed my mind again and decided to get the ENTIRE family ready to hit the beach this summer!
Slip on beach shoes for a family of four for $23!
Swim suits and hats for the kids for $15!
Trunks for Zed and a swim suit and cover up for me for $48!
Yes, I was surprised that I could get that much for under $100.  And want to know the best part?  I bought Zed the wrong sized sandals and was able to return them lickity split.  Next time, I am going to re do Baby Bot’s room and try not to have an anxiety attack in the bedding aisle at my local Walmart.
Disclaimer:  Walmart provided me with a $100 gift card as compensation for this post. The above comments on George Clooney, Lindsay Lohan, and anxiety attacks are my own.