Earth Rescue Review…

I have a house cleaner.

Judge away.

I have my Top 3 Reasons to Get A House Cleaner.

And if you are still judgey judgerton, I don’t care. It’s important to me and my marriage for me to budget this into my life.  Sadly, because of holidays and my beautiful, and I mean, beautiful house cleaner getting married this summer, I am going to have to fend for myself.

FYI:  She really is beautiful, when I showed Zed a photo of our house cleaner on Facebook, he smiled a bit too much.

Any who…


Earth Rescue


My kids lick the floor. So using environmentally cleaning products is important to us.  The fact is everyone wants a clean home and while we worry about scrubbing away the germs we often forget about the chemicals that are left behind while using our cleaners. Earth Rescue’s line of cleaning products maximizes cleaning performance while minimizing the impact on the environment, available exclusively at Walmart, they are:

* 100% naturally derived ingredients

* 100% readily biodegradable

* 100% VOC free

* 100% solvent free

and incredibly affordable and awesome.  The only thing that I wasn’t completely sold on was the Dishwasher Tabs, but that is probably because my dishwasher sucks. In fact we had to get it fixed once and the guy fixing it said, “Oh, you shouldn’t have bought this”.

DISCLAIMER:  I received the products for free to try out on my home. And totally by accident I was compensated for this post.  It’s actually  a funny story.  They sent me a gift card by accident and then when I was honest and told them, they let me keep it. Schmanks!