Kiss My Keaster….

Are you ready for Easter?

I am.

I know, weird right?  I am totally organized this year and I have to thank Walmart Canada. Because if it wasn’t for them, I would be running around on Good Friday shopping all willy nilly.

I was given a challenge to get everything I needed for my family for Easter for $100.

photo (71)


Pretty awesome, eh.

And yes, that was ham and bacon in my cart.

I didn’t just buy pork products today at Walmart,  I also got all the Easter Treats and little gifts for the kids Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Baskets.

photo (69)

photo (67)


I am crazy impressed with the prices at Walmart. We are making a bunny rabbit cake as part of our craft/dessert for Easter and this is what I paid….

Great Value Cake Mix  $1.00

Great Value Icing  $1.82

I am also making a greek salad for Easter Dinner…

Kraft Greek Salad Dressing $2,77

Cucumber  $.97

Red Onion $.76

Tomatoes  $1.98

And the prices for Easter toys and chocolate was amazing totally affordable, especially for our family that only has one adult working full time….

Sand Pail and shovel  $1.00

Chalk  $1.00

Our Finest Mini Eggs  $4.00

Crunchy Chocolate Bunnies  $2.00

FYI: I took Baby Bot shopping with me today and he didn’t even clue in that I was buying him Easter gifts and candy. He’s cute. Maybe  a little bit thick, but totally cute! I just have to hope to hell that I hid things well enough so that little snoopy Whirlwind doesn’t ruin her surprise!

photo (65)


I hope this picture does justice.  I totally had to wipe the counter and take 20 minutes to try to stack all my loot without you thinking that I was a a Hot Damn Mess. Which I usually am, but surprisingly had my crayolas all in the box today.


LOOK AT EVERYTHING I GOT FOR UNDER $100! I ended up having a total of $91.97!  And really, if I can do this, you can do it too. Happy Easter!

photo (68)

Disclaimer:  Thanks to Walmart Canada. In exchange for this super fun shopping trip and post, I was given a $100 gift card for my Easter Challenge.