Outrageous Shampoo…

Before you read this post about Outrageous Shampoo,  you should know that I hit Jillian Michaels on TV with Tyra Banks watching. But, the bitch broke my bra!

FABLife PHOTO CREDIT: DANNY FELD Danny Feld - Disney|ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution
Danny Feld – Disney|ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution

I had no idea you still existed.

There is a saying or maybe its from a Garth Brooks song. Okay. FINE. It’s from a Garth Brooks song, I’m so friggn’ embarrassed.


It goes like this, “Ain’t it funny how a melody can bring back a memory.”

And its true.

Even truer for $2 bottles of shampoo.

Before I even start I want to say that I spend much more on Outrageous Shampoo when I was in high school than I did the other day in Walmart.

What happened to Outrageous Shampoo?  It was truly the most important thing to me in my teens.

Now I feel sorry for it. It’s the Ian Ziering of shampoos. Practically free.


I was shopping for the guest room shampoo. And by guest room shampoo I mean the cheapest stuff I could find b.c I am sick of all our guests using my good Pantene Pro V. Yeah, you heard me.  I’m real hoity toity.

It was only $2 so I bought 4 bottles thinking, “Hey I used to use this stuff AND its only $2. Sweet.”

And then never really thought about it again.

Until I had a shower in the guest bathroom and as soon as I opened that bottle.

Which used to look like this….

That overwhelming smell sent me directly back to high school.

Instantly I was there.

It was like a bad Dudley Moore/ Kirk Cameron movie. I really was catapulted back in time. I saw myself with my high school best friends. I even got the giggles thinking about the two of them and all the fun we had.  And it made me miss them. It made me miss a simpler time. Which really WAS NOT so simple. It was friggn’ awful.

So then I got angry about how I should of used those years more wisely while I had the chance. Blah, Blah, Blah.  And I scrubbed the hell out of my head.

It also made me miss Cindy Crawford. Where is she?

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