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Another Vlog From Mommy’s Weird…

I invented a new word. You are going to like it. A lot. Oh and I am complaining about other Mom's, so there is that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvjpqK2qSzQ ... [Continue Reading]

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Hot Cross Buns…

Oh, I know when I got a good thing going. I'm smarter than the guy who brought the Tim Horton's franchise to town. Wanna know why? Well, when Shauna writes for Mommy's Weird, people tune in ..... so listen up Weirdies,  she's back and I am totally ... [Continue Reading]

Sophia The First: The Floating Palace…

I have chatted about this before and I am going to do it again. Lucky you. My kids are still at the stage where they like to watch the same shows on t.v. Thank you Jesus. I'm not sure if that is actually Jesus's doing, but I have to thank ... [Continue Reading]

I Love Shredded Cheese… #MemorableMelts
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Contrary to everything you may read here at Mommy's Weird, I like to cook. There is a catch.  Here it is - I like to cook what I like to cook.  You are never going to see me make risotto or baked Alaska.  You are going to see me make meatloaf, ... [Continue Reading]

Kiss My Keaster….
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Are you ready for Easter? I am. I know, weird right?  I am totally organized this year and I have to thank Walmart Canada. Because if it wasn't for them, I would be running around on Good Friday shopping all willy nilly. I was given a ... [Continue Reading]

Ladies Lunch…#Wendys #NewSaladCollection
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Most of my friends don't really "get" or know anything about my blogging life, except my friend Laura. The reason she "gets" it or knows anything about my blogging life is because she is also a blogger on Real Momma. Recently, we met up for lunch at ... [Continue Reading]

Kids Say The Darndest Things…

Both of these conversations happened this morning.... Baby Bot: Momma, I watch tv now? Me: Not now, honey. Baby Bot: But, Momma, I love the t.v. Me: I know honey, but too much t.v will turn your brain into mush. Baby Bot: Momma, I want ... [Continue Reading]

Jillian Michaels Broke My Bra…
Jillian Michaels

My quest to keep in shape has been an interesting one.  Not only did I break my bra while running on the treadmill... But, I also broke another one while doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred....and yes that is Jillian's crotch in the ... [Continue Reading]

When Life Gives You Lemons….
Lemon Loaf

....you should drink tequila. Oh, do I have a tequila story for you. Remind me to tell you about it one day. Any who.... Lemon Loaf 1/2 cup butter or margarine 1/2 cup sugar 2 eggs Just beat it, just beat it, whoooooo. 1 ... [Continue Reading]

Stranger Danger…

How I am screwing up my kids #369 Me:  You CAN ride your bike. Just wear your helmet and stay in the driveway please. And if someone tries to steal you, kick them. Whirlwind: KICK THEM? Me: Yup. Whirlwind:  Can I hit them and scratch ... [Continue Reading]

Pinterest Fail….
HD done

Recently I was asked the question that makes me cringe..... "What are you making for supper tonight?" Seriously? This is an intimate question. It's like being asked if you are wearing nylon or cotton panties. See, I was on my "second ... [Continue Reading]