ONEPWR Blade + Cordless Vacuum Review and Giveaway

Wow. Just wow.

I mean it. I have NEVER in my life used a cordless vacuum like this. I am totally blown away, or should I say sucked by the Hoover ONEPWR Blade + Cordless Vacuum.  Like this thing was unbelievable.

Watch the video below, I took it for a play date and I wasn’t sure I was ever going to get it back from my friend!


My friend Pam had just JUST vacuumed her house the day before.


Look again. She only did her living room and dining room!



Because of the amazing ONEPWR lithium-Ion battery, you get 35 minutes of fadeless vacuum time. It’s really so great having it as part of the ONEPWR line, so the battery can be used in ALL the products. That just makes life easier, especially for busy Mom’s like me, listen I am already are stressed about 3 million other things, if you are a brand and you want my business, you need to make your product EASY.


The HOOVER® ONEPWR™ Blade™ has a removable dirt cup that makes clean-up even easier. It also has Eco Mode and the Multi-Surface Brush Roll that’s engineered for optimal cleaning performance on any floor type. For me my favourite part was the Dust Tracker LED light, so you can see the dust you are picking up. Genius. It also converts to a hand vacuum too. And, it has tools to do things like high to reach corners and comes with upholstery and dusting brushes too.

Available exclusively at Canadian Tire.  

I am going to add this product to my Christmas Gift Giving Guide this year, THAT’S how much I love it. I mean, I can’t make Beyonce videos with it. But, it will do. I swear this vacuum should be on everyone’s list this Christmas.

I AM GIVING ONE AWAY. One lucky Canadian Mommy’s Weird reader is going to win a ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Vacuum valued at $349.99. Contest ends December 1/19 and is open only to Canadians.

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We were gifted these products by Hoover Canada, but all the opinions are fully my own. 

216 thoughts on “ONEPWR Blade + Cordless Vacuum Review and Giveaway

  1. Would definitely not be insulted, everyone needs a vacuum! I knew I was an adult when the thought of getting a new vacuum made me excited haha.

  2. I want one now soooo BAD! Please santa! The vacuum was so great! Cordless, the suction, the amount of dirt and hair that came off.. AmAAzing!!!!
    I need to win this.

  3. I would be delighted if someone bought me a vacuum for Christmas. My vacuum is over 20 years old and is on it’s last legs.

  4. I wouldn’t be insulted if someone bought me a vacuum for Christmas. I don’t really “need” a lot of stuff so getting something useful is always good for me.

  5. Would I be insulted if someone bought me a vacuum as a present? Heck no!!! That person goes to the top of my best person ever list!!! Double dog Mama needs this vacuum!!!

  6. nope, not at all – they are expensive! I would appreciate it exponentially – a vacuum for Christmas would definitely not “suck”! 😀

  7. It’s always shocking how much can slip through and hide from the vacuum, how much effort it takes to get the rest of the dust and hair that you don’t even see.

  8. OMG I would love that. Mine is so old, barely sucks. I’m scared it’s going to catch on fire anyday now. I would love that gift probably more than anything

  9. Actually when I moved to this town, 15 years ago my youngest daughter bought me a vacuum , as my new place is wall to wall carpeting and my old place was not.

  10. No far from it especially if it was lightweight and cordless. Instead of being insulted I would definitely be giving them a big hug and kiss. My present vacuum is so old and it hardly has any suction anymore so a new one would be welcomed.

  11. Heck no… I would love a new vacuum. I would open it right then and there to try it out . And ohhh and awwww at all of the dirt

  12. NO WAY!! if anything i would be estatic and appreciative that someone spent that much on me and was thoughtful enough to get me one

  13. Would I be insulted if someone bought me a vacuum for Christmas? No, I’d probably do a little dance and use it right away. My old clunker is a price of *bleep*.

  14. Nope definitely not! I often ask for kitchen or household items as gifts and a vacuum is definitely not something to be upset about!

  15. I would be so happy to get a vacuum like this for Christmas! Don’t even have to wrap it up! I’d be plugging that baby in Christmas morning!

  16. Nope, but I would be if they didn’t test it out (on my house) first to make sure it worked properly and to show me how it works lol lol

  17. I would not be insulted getting a vacuum cleaner for a Christmas gift but there better be a dam Tiffany blue box under the tree for me too!

  18. Nope, I would be so happy to get a cordless vac. I hate dragging cords all over and having to keep changing the plug I am using.

  19. No, unless it was from my husband and the only gift he gave me. From my sons, it would be a tool to clean up after them, which is the least they can do, LOL.

  20. I would not, and I’m actually planning on asking my husband for a real, working vacuum for Christmas this year… no joke. I really want one.

  21. I wouldn’t be insulted if I could use a vacuum. Our current vacuum is so old its time for a replacement so would love one for Christmas.

  22. I would definitely not be insulted if someone bought me a vacuum for Christmas. In fact, I would love it, especially if it was this one.

  23. I would be happy with a vacuum at Christmas. I would rather get a gift I would really use than something that was frivolous.

  24. I would not be insulted. Cleaning is a necessary evil. If someone gifts me with something that makes cleaning easier, that is great.

  25. I would absolutely not be insulted to receive a vacuum. I have a one year old and a Cordless vacuum is actually on my wishlist. The need my life to be easier because it’s exhausting having a toddler. Bring on the vacuum for Christmas…. PLEASE!

  26. I would absolutely not be offended if someone got me a vacuum for Christmas. The one I own now sucks but not in a good way that a vacuum should suck.

  27. No, because I have went through so many vacuums. I need a good one that picks up pet hair and doesn’t get plugged continuously.

  28. At this point in my life with having a family and pets no, I would not be insulted receiving a vacuum as a Christmas gift. If the vacuum makes my day to day clean up easier and the house looks cleaner, I’m all in and would be happy to receive.

  29. I would not be insulted at all. I would probably give them an extra hug. Vaccums are expensive so it would be an extra nice gift.

  30. I would appreciate if someone bought me a vacuum for Christmas. Mine is old and has to be plugged into the wall and has a heavy hose to drag around. A lightweight, cordless vacuum would be a lifesaver and timesaver for me. We have 2 dogs and live on a farm, so I do a lot of vacuuming, this would make an un-fun job more enjoyable.

  31. I would love getting a vacuum as a gift. I’d be like “finally, someone understands me” haha I may have a obsession with cleaning the floors.

  32. I would prefer if it was a gift for both of us: otherwise, I would feel like it was only my responsibility to do the vacuuming. (Unless I put it on my wish list, though.)

  33. I wouldn’t be insulted, a cordless vac would be awesome, make my life easier, so Dear Santa please leave one under my tree

  34. OMG – a new vacuum for Christmas would make me so super happy! I’d be able to use it very quickly while guests are milling about eating very crumbly appies.

  35. I would definitely not be insulted if someone bought me a vacuum for Christmas. I am much too practical now that I’m older. I want something that I can actually use.

  36. I would not be insulted if someone bought me a vacuum for Christmas. I a gift makes my life easier it is more than welcome.

  37. I would be delighted since the people who know me best know that my least favourite job is cleaning my floors. Mostly because they hear me complain about it all the time. 🙂 So anything that makes that job easier would make me very happy.

  38. This will be so perfect for a gift. When I saw that I was thinking that my mother who is older now can use this because is less heavy and also she live in a smaller place now and this is a 2 in one unit.

  39. A new vacuum has been on my wish list for the past couple years. I definitely would not be impossible. It’s an awesome gift!

  40. This is something I would love to get for Christmas!! It’s practical and something I would get a lot of use out of. It’s a lot better than clothes that I would never wear (lol).

  41. heck no !! I wouldn’t be insuled to get a vacuum for Christmas – in fact my son recently moved out and I was going to get him a vacuum for Christmas

  42. I wouldn’t be offended at all if someone bought me a vaccum for Christmas! I’m planning on moving out on my own next year so I’d be grateful for a present of something I’ll need to buy for my self anyways.

  43. I would not be insulted if someone bought you a vacuum for Christmas. I have my eye on both the Hoover ONEPWR Blade + Cordless Vacuum and their Spotless GO Portable Carpet Cleaner.

  44. Definitely not… but if they gave me an ironing board — Yes. My ex gave me one back in the 90’s. He ironed his own clothes afterwards…

  45. No i wouldn’t be insulted. I would love to get a vacuum for a gift. I only have a small vacuum at the moment and it’s not very good for the amount of carpet I have.

  46. That would depend on who the giver was! If it was my mother-in-law, yes, but if it was my husband, that would just be s.o.p.!

  47. No way! I would be very excited to receive a new vacuum for Christmas! My current vacuum is 10 years old for sure and quite heavy so I’d love to own a lightweight one such as this from the Hoover OnePwr line. And no cord?… wow that is such a bonus!

  48. A friend and I were talking about this the other day. We both basically only have appliances on our wish lists but at the same time it seems so silly to want a vacuum for Christmas! I would not be insulted. I think I’d actually be super pleased!

  49. Absolutely not!!! I’d love it if they wanted to give it whirl around the house also. Thanks for such a great giveaway 🙂

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