Hoover ONEPWR High Performance Cordless Blower Review and Giveaway

I dare anyone to have more fun with their Hoover ONEPWR High Performance Cordless Blower than us!

No seriously.

Look at us.

That was so much fun.

I’m actually looking forward to using it in the winter too. You know those days with the light dusting of snow that’s too light to shovel, but still a real pain? You know, to blow onto your neighbours sidewalk and not your own. I think this Hoover ONEPWR High Performance Cordless Blower will work perfectly for that. Haha.


So what do I love about it?

It’s super fun– I mean it. It’s really hilarious to use and the kid’s actually wanted to help with the leaves this year.

I didn’t get a blister– I ALWAYS get blisters raking every year. Even when I wear gloves. UGH.

It’s cordless– Cords suck. This doesn’t suck in blows. Wait, did that make sense? I am just SO over cords.

It really blows– Like 95 MPH. This was a surprise to me. I did not expect it to have the blowing power that it has. Hence, my Beyonce video.

Available exclusively at Canadian Tire– I think my husband would sleep in Canadian Tire if he could. He’s always there. It’s a bit ridiculous.

Different Speeds– It’s just so cool to use. You can manoeuvre the different speeds that you need in order to make a pile.

The ONEPWR Battery– I simply love that with this line of products you can share batteries. It’s honestly a lifesaver. And the battery and charger are INCLUDED.

I AM GIVING ONE AWAY. One lucky Canadian Mommy’s Weird reader is going to win this ONEPWR Cordless High Performance Cordless Blower valued at $299.99. Contest ends November 10th and is open Only to Canadians.

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We were gifted these products by Hoover Canada, but all the opinions are fully my own.  They do not suggest you use to blow in your own face to look like Beyonce. 

92 thoughts on “Hoover ONEPWR High Performance Cordless Blower Review and Giveaway

  1. LOL – definitely a Beyoncé video — my husband would have fun blowing leaves and what not, seriously- what is it with men and tools anyway?

  2. While making a Beyoncé video sounds like lots of fun, I’m more like to chase my kids around the yard with it. And then use it to clean up the yard, the sawdust from the driveway and clean out the garage.

  3. A Beyoncé video sounds like fun My leaves really need cleaned up I will have to use it to blow the leaves and a bit of light snow from my steps

  4. If i win this Hoover ONEPWR High Performance Cordless Blower I will blow leaves, we have 15 large trees that leave lots of leaves on our lawn, walkway and patios.

  5. LOL as much as I love the Beyonce idea, I have a giant tree in the front yard, shedding its leaves everywhere, so I would be using it for the leaves… but who’s to say it can’t be for both 😉

  6. We have so many leaves, and a lot of landscaping rocks, so this blower would make my autumn leaf collection way less annoying!

  7. I gave my husband an electric blower for his birthday. WRONG… apparently a cordless blower is where it’s at. He did use it on leaves today but did give me several dirty looks.

  8. I will definitely blow tons of leaves in our yard with this awesome tool! I wonder if it would blow snow too.. awesome! Fingers crossed

  9. Umm…. why not both if we are being honest? I love this review. It genuinely makes this tool seem super fun and useful.

  10. It would be super great for a Beyonce video or photoshoot! But I have so many soggy leaves & dirt & pinecones on the patio & that I would really enjoy cleaning them up in a whole new Hoover-way this year!

  11. I would love to use this cleaning up the yard, I always have leaves and pine needles that need to be cleaned up, so this would be awesome

  12. I’m no Beyonce by far LOL so no hair blowing video making for me. No, I am going to blow leaves if I win. I have over an acre of leaves to rake and a leaf blower would be so useful.

  13. Well, honestly it wouldn’t be ME who’s goingto wrangle the leaves into a neat pile, but this would be used by someone (and by someone, I me the hubs!) here!!

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