Halloween Costumes for Plus Size Women

I hated Halloween as a kid. You’d think being a fat kid I would have been allllll over that candy. Oh, I was, mostly for the chips. But, I hated dressing up. It wasn’t really the fact that I had to dress up, it was the fact I could never find a costume. Finding a Halloween Costume for Plus Size Women is hard. There’s no just running to the store and buying a cute costume for $24.99.

Girls gotta work for it.

Cue the tears.

Let’s not even talk about highschool graduation and my wedding dress. Being fat, overweight, chubby, plus-sized, whatever the hell you want to call it has always been difficult for me when it comes to Halloween. It always caused EXTREME anxiety and fear and usually, I ended up in a puddle of emotions. Just hearing the words THEME party, I panic.

Since having kids, that has changed. I have embraced the holiday.

I mean, shit, what else was I going to do?!

Not dress up?  Not an option for me.

I’m so busy trying to be a role model for my daughter that I have had to give up some stupid fears in my life. Like swimsuits, tap dancing lessons and squeezing into seats on roller coasters.

It also helps that every year we get invited to three AMAZING Halloween Parties. One is a big community dance that we go to with the same friends every year.  One is an amazing yearly party at a friend’s that we get loaded out of our minds at. The last is a dance at our children’s school. These are really our only social events lately, so I am forced out of my Halloween Costume Hating Hell.

Deviled Eggs.

This was last year. I totally copied from the internet and someone else was wearing the same costume. I KNOW. What are the chances?! Plus she was skinny and super hot and young which made me want to turn her into an ACTUAL devilled egg.


Cleaning Super Heroes.

I was totally stressed about Halloween and then I got thinking. If I wore everything in one colour what could I be? I’m not really sure how my brain came up with this, but it did. Thank God, Zed can draw!

Price is Right Contestants.

Also stolen from the internet. But, it was the perfect costume for us.

Lucille Ball

This was the first and only costume that I have ever bought online. I bought it from a plus-sized costume website and I am lucky as hell that it fit.

Sookie from Gilmore Girls.

I googled fat famous people and then came up with this costume. Melissa McCarthy for the win!



Pajama Wearing Zombies

If in doubt where your pj’s. I have done it twice now. Just pick something you want to be and be that, but wearing PJ’s. But, you have to have pj’s that fit and aren’t full of holes. Good luck, with that task.

This was from a zombie-themed birthday party for my friend Jen. Also, no babies were harmed in taking this photo.


Maureen is the nicest barista in all the land. She works at my Starbucks and I decided to be her. I have no clue why. My brain is a mystery. But, this is probably one of my favourite costumes of all time.

5o Shades of Grey

Also stolen off the internet. Super easy to do, just rob a paint shop.

Ladies, I know Halloween as a Plus Sized woman is hard. It just is what it is. You just have to get creative and have fun with it. No one cares about how you look.

Just have fun damn it.

I am.