How I Found $1000 Fast

Here’s a little story on how I found almost $1000 fast.

We have an emergency account, but I didn’t want use that.

We needed $1000 and we needed it fast. I really wanted to dip into my line of credit so I had to think. I have never had to think like this before when it comes to money. We have enough money to live month to month, we are very lucky that way, but we have debt.

1. I sold some shit on Facebook

This can be a hassle, but if you make a sale. It is totally worth it. Sometimes there is some haggling. Sometimes people don’t show up. Sometimes they take the item and you realize later they didn’t pay you the full amount, usually $5-10. Sometimes no one wants your stuff. But, if you have something worth value, then I highly suggest it.

Brand New Kids Snow Shoes $50

Exercise Machine $60

Used Skates $13

Used dance shoes $5

Brand New Kids Runners: $8

Kids Gently Used Books: $10

Kids New Toys: $25

Carpet Spot Cleaner: $60

Girls New Old Navy:$10

TOTAL: $241

2. I sold some gift cards

This was really unconventional.  I call this route unconventional because I know this won’t work for everyone. I have a really sweet group of friends that know about the emergency. I had a ton of gift cards just lying around that I got from points on my credit card. So, I tried to sell the cards at a $5 to $10 discount to them. I know this won’t work for everyone. But, desperate times called for desperate measures. There are some websites out there where you can sell your gift cards, but I was nervous to try them.

Gift Cards: $225

3. I counted coins

I roll coins in our house about twice a year. So this isn’t really found money, but I did it off schedule so I don’t have as much as I usually do, but I had a good chunk of change.

Rolled Change $53

4. I sent out an Old Invoice

I have a client that struggles to pay me on time. I sent a final warning invoice that stated that there would be a charge added to their next invoice if I was not paid within 14 days. I got paid. Again, I know this doesn’t work for those who don’t have their own business. But, does someone owe you money? Ask for it. Even if it’s just $20. That’s your $.

Overdue Payment:$300

TOTAL:$819 cash in hand

Next, I did a few more things to help us not spend some of the money that already have in our accounts. 

5. Cancelled Cable

Then we called and cancelled cable saving us $53 a month. Now. I know this isn’t instant in your hand cash, but it helped. We cut back months ago, but we still like cable for sports, breaking news and award shows.

Cable Cancelled: $53

6. Cut back on Investment

Now, I am not happy about this, in fact, I hate that his happened.  I cut back the kid’s RESP’s for 2 months. In order to keep paying into their education fund I have to pay $25 into each of their accounts. I don’t like that this happened, but it did. I didn’t even want to share that we did this. I feel super shitty. Sigh.

RESP Cut Back: $200

7. I bought Groceries with Points

We have an Optimum card. That means we get points when we go grocery shopping at Real Canadian Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart. I had 378,000 points. You can only use 200,000 points at a time when cashing them in. Our bill was $207.00. So we paid $7. I realize that again this is not cash in our hand and not everyone has 378,000 points saved. But, I did and it was a bloody bonus considering this emergency.

Free Groceries: $207

8. Cut back

We’re cutting back where we can. Eating out less. Buying less. Eating food in the cupboards. Not going to the movies. Not buying the kids things they ask for. Not buying my favourite lipstick when I see it on sale. You know, just stuff.

We had some other ideas that we came up with that we didn’t use. We have 2 vehicles so we debated not driving or insuring the car for a few months. Chris offered to sell some of his tools, but it bugged me so much, in the end, I couldn’t do it. Sure he rarely uses his palm sander but I just felt shitty about it. We also had a long discussion about selling the used tent trailer we bought for $4000, two summers ago.

For now we’re good. We got this.

Until the next emergency.


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