Christmas Gift Guide for Mom’s 2019

Merry Christmas! Or almost Christmas. I’ve decided to share with you my favourite gift ideas for Mom’s this Christmas. Do with this what you will, forward to your husband, ignore or have a bit of a giggle. It’s up to you! Let’s just try not to have Christmas Suck for Mom’s this year.

Remember when everyone had a Breadmaker? There is an entire generation of Mom’s who don’t have this appliance. It’s one of those appliance style gifts that you could give your wife or daughter in law and not have her completely offended or insulted. My choice? The Hamilton Beach Premium Dough and Breadmaker. I have not used it just to make dough. I use it to make white bread and the french loaf. And I love it.   


Next up on my list are Books.

I am a strong believer in shopping locally. But, if you have to send the book in the mail, then I highly suggest using Amazon or Chapters/Indigo/Coles. These are the top 4 on my list…

  City Of Girls: A Novel     Daisy Jones & The Six: A Novel     Mrs. Everything: A Novel     The World That We Knew: A Novel

The line of  Hoover Cordless ONEPWR  

Now, this is a gift you have to be a bit careful about as you could totally offend your wife, daughter in law, mother inlaw, friend etc. For me, I love these products. There is nothing better than these cordless products and their battery life is amazing!  My fave by far is the Blade+ Cordless Vacuum.  If you don’t believe me, you MUST watch the video from my friend Pam’s home. CRAZY.


Lounge & Liv House Dress

Listen, I am obsessed with this housedress. I want it so bad it hurts. HURTS. I want one in every damn colour. I basically am just waiting to become Mrs. Roper. I love housedresses because you can pretty much just give up on life and no one can tell.

I am so excited to tell you that Lounge & Liv are giving Mommy’s Weird readers a $5 off code use MW5OFF at the check out. SQUEEEEEE! Thanks Lounge & Liv

Birkenstock Mayari

I switched to this style of Birkenstock this Spring and I haven’t looked back. It took a few hours of wearing in the house to get used to having my toe go through something, because I have really picky feet. I get blisters from every shoe I own.

These Birkenstocks are EVERYTHING! I am loving how they have a dressy touch to them. Full on life changers. Trust me.


Soft PJ’s

Hello! Who doesn’t love new Christmas Jammies?! I love PJ’s from Additionelle. They are the softest! My mother in law bought me a pair my birthday and I am hoping she reads this and gets me another pair. Hint, hint.


Contigo Travel Mugs

As far as I am concerned there isn’t a better travel mug on the market. They don’t get gross black stuff in them. You know what I am talking about, right? So gross.  I am pretty much a ONLY buy Contigo containers or don’t waste my damn time and money, kind of person.


I love a good scarf.

I am obsessed with this scarf from Old Navy.  There are a ton of colours to choose from, too. It takes my frumpy everyday look to a frumpy more put together look.


Moroccan Oil

I am obsessed with the smell of this hair oil. OBSESSED. After a blow dry and a quick curl, I love to put Morocan oil on the ends of my hair and for some of the flyaways at the roots. The smell is my most fave smell on earth.

I only use  NYX Butter Gloss

I am a lipstick/ gloss girl. I always have been. I love how it finishes my look. The darker the better. But, not matte. Matte and I just don’t work. My lips get all dry and crackly.  I know it’s long lasting, but I don’t love how dry matte lipstick feels on my lips. I am however a HUGE fan of NYX Butter Gloss and Intense Butter Gloss.

There are affiliate links included in this gift guide. Merry Christmas!