Weird Weigh In 7:

7 weeks?

It’s been 7 weeks on Weight Watchers?!


It’s gone by really fast.

But, the weight hasn’t dropped that fast. I was secretly hoping to lose 2 lbs a week.

That would mean 14 lbs lost.

Not 8.6 lbs.


You heard that correctly. I was down 1.2 lbs at today’s Weigh in.


I also promised to show you what I am eating in a regular day.

See, how great it went until I got stressed about my husband being away and having to get each kid to soccer in different parts of town?


Momma went postal on some chicken nuggets.

I am also aware that I had salmon for breakfast.

That was weird.

I also often forget to track my veggies, so you can’t see the veggies in my wrap or with my 3 million chicken nuggets.

IMG_1233 IMG_1234



Also, what you cannot see is that I was a Birthday Party for a 4 year old. And I didn’t eat cake!

I had skittles and a mars bar instead.

A girl has gotta live, right!?

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Nothing but love to Weight Watchers Canada and Yummy Mummy Club for being on this road with me. I greatly appreciate all your support. 

8 thoughts on “Weird Weigh In 7:

  1. Tomorrow will be my third weigh in, last week I was down 1.6lbs. but I feel so bloated and I have never eaten this many veggies and fruit in my life

  2. Kyla! You’re doing awesome. I did WW a couple years back and found that I was so dedicated and stoked the first few weeks and then my weight loss plateaued. I think it’s totally essential to cheat a little here and there or you don’t stick to the program. My achilles heel was potatoe chips. Keep on keeping on!

  3. Thanks to you I signed up for Weight Watchers almost a week ago. i’ve been cheating and weighing as I go along. I’m down almost 4 pounds so far (official weigh in is on Monday). Even if I don’t lose a pound (though I better!), I still feel so much healthier because I am eating SO MANY fruits and veggies.

  4. First, you are a beautiful and wonderful person and you deserve good things.
    Second, 1.8 lbs a week is 63 lbs in a year, not bad. (At this rate, you’ll weigh 35 lbs at the end of year three.
    Third, and I repeat, you deserve good things.

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