Weird Weigh In 5:

There are 2 things I love about Weight Watchers.

#1. It makes me accountable.  For me, I know that I have to weigh myself every week to stay on my game. I know lots of people weigh themselves daily and I know lots of people who say “throw out the scale”, but for me a weekly check in works.

#2.  I can eat what I want. When I want.  I get 34 points a day plus 49 weekly points for special occasions.  PLUS, when you work out you get activity points and activity points can be used as food points.


And here is ANOTHER reason I love Weight Watchers….

My parents were visiting from Manitoba, my Dad really wanted to order Chinese for dinner.  So, I just made sure I had a low point breakfast and lunch.  Did I mention that most fruit and vegetables are 0 points.


So, as you can tell I have a real love fest on for Weight Watchers right now.

Obviously, I had a great week ……….

I lost 2.4 lbs.

I currently weigh….

Weigh In


Yup. I am down 8.2 lbs in 5 weeks!

Weigh In 4

Weigh In 3

Weigh In 2

Weigh In 1

I have been asked to share what I am eating on a daily basis. I will do that next week.  Can you control your excitement?

Thanks so much to Weight Watchers Canada and Yummy Mummy Club for their support in my journey. I also have to thank everyone in town for their kindness. Tons of people are asking me about Weight Watchers and telling me how good I look even when I gain. Muah!