Weird Weigh In 1:

Before I show you my results, I feel like I have to reassure you that I am okay. I do not hate myself. I do not see an ugly fat girl in the mirror.

In fact, my inflated sense of self helps me see an incredibly good looking, very funny, incredibly active and awesome person each and every day. I have no problems with being plus sized.

I do have problems being uncomfortable.

Back to why you are all here….

Are you ready for it?

Here goes…



Down 5. 6 lbs!


I have to say I am pretty surprised.

And why is my toe on the left foot doing a sit up?



I drank a ton on Friday afternoon/evening and then went nutso on some cookies at Book Club. But,  I never went over my Weekly Remaining Points.

And Hot Damn it worked!

The one change I have made, is that I am not eating junk food at night. Zed and I love to watch t.v and eat nacho’s, ice cream, buttery popcorn and so on. But, now I am making waaaaaay better night time choices. Sometimes its still nachos, ice cream or buttery popcorn, but usually its veggies, hummus or yogurt. And that is what makes Weight Watchers so great, you can eat what you want, when you want, just stick to your plan!

If you want to track my journey you can follow along here.

Also, you have until the end of May to join the Bet You 10lbs Challenge. Lose 10 lbs in 2 months or get your money back. I dare you.

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This journey is all my own. I was never asked to blog about it or share my weight, but I am doing it with support of Yummy Mummy Club and because I really want to weigh 199 lbs. 

11 thoughts on “Weird Weigh In 1:

  1. WTG!!!! Thats a great loss which means your following the program right!! On to week two. Good Luck!!!I am on week 4 now 9lbs down so far. 🙂

  2. Congrats! I re-started WW Dec 1 and I’m down just over 32 lb. That’s including Christmas, a week-long all-inclusive, and a very stressful first three months of the year with layoffs all around me. I go out for dinner at least once a week, drink with friends and have desserts. The program works. My advice? Plan everything and pre-prep. I’ll even track in the app what I’m eating tomorrow so that I’m less likely to make bad decisions. Good luck!

    1. GAWD NO. So easy. Just count the points. I am in love with the app. Its unreal. Plus its free if you don’t lose 10lbs. Um. WIN WIN.

  3. Way to goooo!!!!! I’d like to drop 50 pounds. I’ want to be down to 170’sh….. Or my 18 yr old body of 128. Which I can’t even imagine and how weird I’d look.
    I love weight watchers. I dropped 20 pounds in like 2 months for my wedding.
    I am now trying out Beachbody, wish me luck! I’ll be sharing at the end of my 21 day Fix.
    I loved WW because I was snacking on new food and I was still able to drink 😉 LOL. I might go back to WW as well…I am nursing my twins (trying to wean them and it’s moving smoothly, heart breaking at first but now I’m rambling) so all this diet stuff is hard as my body is holding on to the fat.

    1. Ramble away. We all have weightloss stories. I did it once successfully over 12 years ago, but slowly gained all by 30 back after kids. 21 day fix is great. My friend is doing it and she looks awesome. She loves the workouts!
      Join me!

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